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15 Ways Poor People Try to Look Rich


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  • Published On: 2021-04-11 18:21:55
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People go broke trying to look rich!
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In this Alux.com video we will be answering the following questions:
Why do poor people insist to look rich?
Why do poor people try to look rich when they’re not?
What are 15 Ways that Poor People Try to Look Rich?
Why do poor people like to fake being rich?
How are poor people trying to look rich?
How are people wasting money trying to look rich?
Why trying to look rich is a sure way to poverty?

00:00 – Intro
00:50 – Your car is more expensive than your house
01:36 – They brag about money
02:15 – Bedazzled anything & Sequin dresses
03:03 – They buy zirconium and try to pass it off as diamonds
03:47 – Bad plastic surgery & Fake tans
04:41 – They rent or borrow cars to go on dates
05:37 – They overdress
06:12 – There’s less money in the bag than you paid for the bag
06:58 – Impressive fence but not so much beyond it
07:20 – Name dropping
08:28 – Cash
09:33 – They prioritise design over utility
10:17 – They pretend entry level brands are luxury brands
11:26 – You are a walking billboard for brands
12:32 – Fancy place in a shitty area
13:11 – Question

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  1. When you dress up properly and have good personality, people think you are rich. Wear a white long sleeve shirt, with black coat and black pants and shiny black leather shoes with gold plated watch. Clean shaven with short hair. People think you are special.

  2. 3:04 it’s funny 69 was featured in this video. A couple years ago he used to walk around the mall where I worked in Houston with the same designer shopping bags every day even though he wasn’t actually buying anything

  3. The biggest I have ever an issue with poor people trying to look rich.
    They buy things they can't afford or just barely afford.
    A car that was $100,000 new, but now they can afford for $35,000 and when it breaks down. They can't afford to fix it.
    Next is yachts or boat in general. Boat ain't cheap and the bigger you get, the more it cost. I work on boats for a living a d deal with poor people on the daily and they always whine about the cost it takes to fix them.

  4. If you think wearing all of the jewelry that you own at the same time looks rich…you're poor. If you put all of the money you've saved into tattoos, you're poor. If you care about what your neighbors drive, eat, wear or where they go on vacation, you're poor.

  5. Rich people didn't get richer by overspending but more like saving and living like they don't have money for a while and only buy necessary things like food and pay rent. Poor people live way beyond their means and spend money that they don't have

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