Biden torched for 'catastrophically bad' decisions – YouTube

Biden torched for 'catastrophically bad' decisions


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  • Published On: 2022-05-18 05:45:00
  • Video Published/Author: Fox Business
  • Video Duration: 00:07:18
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Syndicated columnist Liz Peek weighs in on criticism the president has faced on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxBusiness #Kudlow

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  4. Joe, Hunter & Nancy Pelosi are all laughing at every single USA taxpayer because you are paying to cover up and hide all the shadow company dealings they have with RUSSIA (FACT)…

    DON’T forget that 12 months from now when all your money will be directed to the Ukraine and not back into your own economy —

  5. DO NOT AGREE with that woman concerning Elon.
    He is exercising his free speech and his humor is spot on funny!!
    I know it's crazy but,.. Bezos tweeted truth too.
    Biden is bashing Rich People but it's the middle class and poor that are truly paying for it!! Biden is too stupid to know chit rolls down hill.

  6. Don't listen to this host Republicians…this hog wash…Republicans Wake Up your Republicians Senators VOTED NO on helping families to
    get milk for there children… Republicians go to the Polls and vote these Republicians Out NOW immediately they don't care about you Wake up vote Democratics and I promise you will not be disappointed..try it and stop letting these Fox Host on Fox News telling you untruths VOTE Democratics

  7. "Wet sock puppet" isn't a strong enough term. He is not only the WORST faux-president EVER, (you will never get me to believe that he got 81 million votes) but he has set the bar so low that the crack addict on the corner would be a better leader… ACTUAL sock puppets can now run for president and do a better job of running the country!

  8. We need people about 30 years younger in office and in the Supreme Court. A lot of old men and women making decisions on a world that is not the same they grew up on. Also how about giving less financial aid to outside countries and we just focus on our people. Don’t know why so many people fight and defend the mega rich on taxes. A Billionaire tax isn’t a bad idea and they can use that money on infrastructure, the roads are falling apart in the us.

  9. Please don't think these are "bad decisions". Don't think this is incompetence. No one is this incompetent. No one is this stupid. I'm a high school educated son of a truck driver and I knew better than ALL his mistakes BEFORE he made them. If I may…."DUH!" These are the deliberate actions of a dissembling saboteur, a solidly established enemy of the Nation. To chalk up his efforts up to incompetence is to play into his cover.

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