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Billionaires who took Risk | Entrepreneurs Powerful motivational video | Entrepreneur motivation |


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Entrepreneurs who became billionaire is because of their risk-taking ability. Everybody has an opportunity to become great but very few minds grab that opportunity. Because most of the people care for self-security instead of self-satisfaction.

But there are few innovators, inventors who care more for them on satisfaction instead of their security. In this video, I have gathered 5 stories of inspiring entrepreneurs who turned billionaire.

This story includes the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos, Entrepreneur inventor and founder of many inventing start-ups like Tesla, SpaceX, Hyperloop Mr. Elon Musk, founder of Oyo rooms Ritesh Agarwal, founder of Pinterest Ben Silberman, founder of worlds largest taxi app uber Mr. Travis Kalanick.
I am sure these motivational stories will inspire you…so must share this fire of motivation with your friends.

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  1. Bro everything is right but u know that what is the most hardest part of success is to find the real goal real way… For example elon musk known the real goal of his life that he have to make such a rocket which will be able to fly by very less budget so he worked for. Still im not getting my real goal and for this im losing my hope day after day i finished my study 5 years ago.

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