BITCOIN's REAL World Application Explained : Venezuela Hyperinflation Case Study – YouTube

BITCOIN's REAL World Application Explained : Venezuela Hyperinflation Case Study


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  • Published On: 2021-08-17 21:00:11
  • Video Published/Author: Think School
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Video Introduction:
As hyperinflation and U.S. sanctions disrupt Venezuela’s economy, cryptocurrency is emerging as a way to provide services handled elsewhere by the traditional banking system. In today’s video, we will discuss how this happened!

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  1. Dear Think Schoolers,
    Watch the video carefully to understand the concepts properly.
    Drop in your suggestions about other Blockchain application case studies if you have any❤️
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    Disclaimer : Do not treat crypto as a get rich quick scheme. Do your research before putting your money and only invest as much as you can afford to LOSE without affecting your life.

    (Sorry for the spelling mistake though)

  2. This is precisely the reason why Indian government wants to ban crypto in India, because as the economy deteriorates due to bad governance, people will move to alternatives like USD or Bitcoin in order to conserve their wealth. But government wants to control the people though money, thus forbid USD transfer by LRS (eg. Similarly Russia during its Ukraine invasion stopped its citizens from exchanging roubles so it doesn't collapse- due to bad government policies) and ban on crypto. Keeping people poor and dependent makes sure they will keep electing you since they are invested in you.

  3. This video does not mention the fact that despite the "decentralization" tech is good for ordinary people, financially successful governments will always try to keep the control through financial institution and policies.

  4. Big ups to the expert dentonhac on t e l e g r a m and their website forensicnerdscom they prove undoubtedly to me his philosophy which is that There’s no point to living life unless you make history and the best way to make his tory is to help others. Thanks for restoring my life i had almost lost hope of ever recovering my lost 5 BTC

  5. It's a kind request , please do make a videos about How country's economy runs ? ( Cycle ) , How GDP and Country's economy relates? , In what are all the ways Governament gets the finance to run the country's economy or depends primarily on what ? & Which factors actually decides the inflation or deflation rate of country ?
    Hoping to get your insights on these topics ! undoubtedly baked by thorough research !

  6. So according to this genius crypto is the future of currency is because failed states like Sudan and Iran are adopting it 🤣🤣
    Feel sorry for people actually trusting these fake experts.

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