Brain Hacks For Money & Growth With Neurologist Dr. Sid Warrier | The Ranveer Show 147 – YouTube

Brain Hacks For Money & Growth With Neurologist Dr. Sid Warrier | The Ranveer Show 147


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In this episode, we have with us another all-star of The Ranveer Show – Siddhart Warrier. After talking to this man for one hour, I truly felt like I had explored the deepest parts of my brain. One of the most knowledgeable humans to appear on the show. This one was truly a life-changing conversation for me.

Siddharth Warrier is an expert neurologist who runs his own podcast and YouTube channel from the ABCs of neuroscience to the most complex phenomenons.

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Buddha has said, “A human that conquers its mind is greater than a human that conquers a thousand other humans in battle”. It’s the most difficult.

This conversation is all about hacking your own brain and making it do things that will help in your own growth. There is a section in the podcast where we explore the topic of mental fitness and mental health from many angles.

“Mental health is when you’re preparing yourself for the time when you might need it. It’s like creating a reserve.” ~ Siddharth Warrier

“No attack can happen without protection. First learn to have protection, have your armor on, and then you shall learn how to pull out a sword.” ~ Ranveer Allahbadia

“Want Money? First Hack Your Brain” – Neurologist Sid Warrier On The Ranveer Show

#brainhacks #success #neuroscience

0:00 – Introduction
1:56 – What does a neurologist do?
2:32 – Why neuroscience?
4:08 – How does therapy work?
6:28 – On mental fitness
9:11 – On mental health
10:10 – GenZ on mental health
12:11 – Secret to good sleep
14:27 – On toxic positivity
17:31 – Teenagers & Empathy
21:07 – Cancel Culture
23:14 – Evolution of your brain
28:14 – Meditation’s effect
35:08 – Neuro-plasticity
42:49 – Geeta’s role in neuroscience
45:18 – Deeper pleasures of life
47:56 – Conquer your mind
51:44 – Every human’s biology
54:40 – End of the podcast

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  1. ranbeer i dont really like the thing which u react see u say like ummmmm ummmmmmm u r not driving a bike ranbeer its not like i hate u i really like all ur podcasts and specially ur mind set but i dont like how u react u insted react loke achha,haan,i see or u smile while replying

    and love u ranbeer

  2. Hii I’m a great fan of you,you are doing extremely well but something I noticed that might not be so important is your response to someone like a awkward voice like “hmm” which slightly awkward to heard ….Thanks take it as a feedback.

  3. how to maintain concentration when you are not able to focus a bit .why there is always mental fatigue eve after reading a single page and why not able to get sound sleep.pls discuss these topics as well.

  4. I must tell you that I have seen a lots of videos of your podcasts but I couldn’t control myself at this episode and comment down here to thank you for bringing such an important content for the world. Truly it’s enlightening… keep going Ranveer.✨🙌

  5. Science is just spirituality scratched an inch. I was intrigued as to why we should bother to suppress the limbic by tricking the PFC into believing it is superior/different than the limbic. …….And it's function is to help us "evolve" into a higher species? I'd like to understand the pfc and its role in us seeing the duality of everything in our lives. Great thought sharing here. Will be good to allow the interviewee to complete his thoughts without much interruptions. Thank you.

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