Decoding BIG Bull's Business STRATEGY to enter Indian Aviation Market : Akasa Airlines Case study – YouTube

Decoding BIG Bull's Business STRATEGY to enter Indian Aviation Market : Akasa Airlines Case study


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  • Published On: 2021-08-20 21:30:10
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Rakesh Jhunjunwala a.k.a Big bull will have a 40% stake in Akasa Airlines. A new entrant in the faltering Indian Aviation market, which Anand Mahindra once described as an industry that can turn Billionaires into Millionaires. What are the strategies that the Big Bull will deploy? Why now? What can we as investors learn from this case study? All of this and much more will be discussed in this video, so watch it till the end.

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Disclaimer : This video is not an investment advice but only an education content. Do your own research before investing anywhere


  1. I watched this exactly seven months ago and today after searching in Google abt akasa airlines OPS I got this video recommend again in utube 💥 i request Ganesh to upload at the time of June on operations of akasa 🙏🙏

  2. Aditya Ghosh is a brilliant executive. Let's see if Akasa can gain some market share from the current players. There may be a price war between Indigo and Akasa in the coming years.

  3. U talk like u r running RK’s business.
    Recently I saw Bharatpe’s video which u made.
    And then the controversy of Bharat pe came up and all there financial loopholes were shown.
    It looks like u r living in some parellel universe where u create ur own virtual business model of the companies.

    I think u r selling fake made up research videos to show that u r extremely smart and understand all the operations of businesses.

  4. In the last 2 decades,
    Most airlines have failed or operating under loss or got bailed out or merged into big companies…
    Burning so much fossil fuel just to transport the people is getting outdated in the covid Era supported by booming Virtual Reality. Fuel prices are also increasing day by day.
    Considering all these factors I think the future is uncertain for this venture at this time, instead it would have been better to invest in future technologies like Metaverse and Ai.
    If they have already started the operations it is better to concentrate on cargo.

  5. very unfortunate and sad that you have not mentioned anything about the Man Aviation Entrepreneur Capt. Gopinath in this vid.. He is an old player to this business and why its not surprising you that why is not entering back to the business when other fresh players are entering to it.

  6. Since I stumbled upon your channel quite late, I have the advantage to watching your earlier episodes too! Goes without saying, relishing the earlier posts too with as much enthusiasm as the latest ones. Keep up the good work! 👍🏼

  7. Good one Ganesh, you mentioned indigo does not have to maintain its aircraft, but this does not mean they don’t have to pay for the maintenance.
    Maintainance is a mandatory expense.
    And has to be eventually be borne by indigo themselves.

  8. This is the first time in history of Think school that he didn't delivered the content what the Title was all about. I'm here after watching the same IndiGo data from IndiGo video compared to half the time here in this video. Sadly It's the very first time I've skipped his video and didn't regret it 😉

  9. Interesting video and informative but i still have questions:

    1)You have mentioned ultra low carrier,bargaining power and so on but then admit that even indigo has a similar power. How will akasha air succed? What is USP of akasha air that no other airline/transportation has that can enable it to succed? The secondary airports,etc will benifit all airlines.

    2) Ultra low pricing is not a viable stratergy (by itself), indigo has route optimization, hubs and more. Indigo only flies to certain locations where its profitable and its planes are almost always full. How wil akasha air compete.

    3) The foreign air carriers have operate only to or from hubs, prioritize underutilized or underserved airports/passsengers and only fly profitable routes where there is not much competition. They dont often fly to major airports (high landing costs and fees) and negotiate with other airports where the fees is cheaper. As these regional airpots have much less footfall they are willing to give cheaper costs to airlines for landings and so on. This helps reduce the cost of the ticket and is a sound streatergy. Passengers in usa do travel to these alternative airports and then grab a bus to the final destination at signincant discount to directly going to the main airport in the city. In india i am noty sure whether this is viable. If i wished to go to from mumbai to hyderbad and the cost to tirupathi was cheaper, why would i want to board a flight then a bus when i can catch a train from mumbai to hyderbad directly (same time and cost).

    Still many doubts , hard to find the actual stratergy employed by akasha airlines.

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