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Do This To Become Billionaire In 2021! | DAN PENA Motivation


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They Became Billionaires When They Started Doing This! Try It Today!
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  1. "Sticks and Stones can Break my Bones but Words can Never Hurt me"

    "Once you become fearless life becomes limitless"

    "It's easy to justify being offensive or confrontational but some people need to be offended… Some people need to be confronted".

  2. So what did HE achieve ? 775 Billion Dollars…too much to spend and so much to be worried every minute to loose it again…IS THIS YOUR GOAL ? Think about it !
    In all my life I was never more worried as when I got rich…make some money to have a good life,enjoy your life and never forget that your wishes are always higher as your income,ALWAYS !
    Everything with a REAL value,can not be bought with money – Friendship,Love,Trust and much more.
    Make money, as we need it in this world to live good,but never forget that the real value in life are in the things you can NOT buy with cash. GO FOR IT 🙏 GOOD LUCK🍀

  3. He left out one very important observation of mine. Money is not good modivation. Your going get burned out. Go hard but pace yourself. Put number in your head 5 million dollars cash in bag. When hit the number walk way do your hobbies, toast to good life. Put your friends, family first. Do hard work so when your daughter needs start collage. Your right there check book in hand. Friend needs hand your right there. Even people refused to help you in tuffest ower of need. You have figure everything out if you see your getting stuck send them to hell. Find everything that's wasting your time. Your mind has to clear worry free. Just mimick him after while you think just like him.

  4. I used to think that not taking a vacation or working over 100 hours per week was a crime. That stupid thinking wasted 60 years of my life. Now, at age 67, I force myself to work every day, over 16 hours per day, 7 days a week, holidays included. My only day off is 4 hours on my birthday. I love holidays because I avoid most distractions that hold me back. The only obstacle I face is my death. Now, I need to get back to my passion; building 100% ownership of a $1 Trillion Empire.

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  6. Oh, so u r saying that jesus christ who is God, and the singular creator of the world did not get the job done? And the apostles, who, according to accurate history, questioned by no one, turned the world upside down. ? So u r saying all those guys failed , including Moses and Elijah who stopped rain 3 years and parted the red sea. Might wanna hav a hard think about that. Because according to history and reliable American stats, whoever sets face against God gets wasted and is totally poverty stricken. The talk of the lips tendeth ONLY to penury.

  7. Oh and before u think I'm a non persona grata im a British citizen. Key word citizen. I'm not some foreigner. And they treated the other brit citizens the same. They put a cursed son of Ishmael, whose sword is against EVERY man, to be the boss and could do and say litterally anything, they gave this useless pos. Free rent free everything and paid em way extra to bully us n do no work. Also this guy was going banans all day everyday about how great it is to abort his baby. We had to here this everyday breakky lunch and dinner ner.

  8. Hey Dan, u said six and stones, well , after being verbal bullied from 6am to 6pm 5 days a week, when that didn't work they started shoven me and nudging me, when I confronted them bout it they gave me a massive push on my chest. When that didn't work they'd giv me a nudge when I standing on a roof , when that didnt work they slammed my back w a 15kg piece of metal while I was using an angle grinder w my hand close to the disk. Everyone 100% sided w the bullies , I won't name names or organisations but they all laughed at me. And then they basically fired me. So even after all that I still lost my job and they told me to pack all my stuff and change city for this new job which they intended to bully me at till I left and when that didn't work they just fired me.

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