Financial market one shot 5 Minutes complete chapter Class 12 Business studies Commerce King – YouTube

Financial market one shot 5 Minutes complete chapter Class 12 Business studies Commerce King


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🔥 Financial Market class 12 business studies Term 2 Gaurav Jain Commerce champions
Financial market Class 12 One shot
Types of financial market class 12
Functions of Financial market class 12
Functions of SEBI class 12
Class 12 Commerce champions

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  1. Financial market – Here basically dealing of moiney happens between an investor and the broker.

    Functions of financial markets –
    *Money is invested in proper place from where we can get the best returns.
    *liquidity of shares
    *Reduces transaction cost
    *Reduces transaction time

    two types of market –
    1. Money Market – Here long term investment happens i.e invest for 1 year or more.

    Insturments of money market –
    *Call money
    *commercial paper
    *commercial bills
    *treasury bills

    Primary market – Here short and medium term investments take place. Also this market is also called the new issue market where we can buy the shares directly from the company. Here the shares are issued for the first time.

    Instruments of the primary market –
    *public issue through prospectus
    *offer for sale
    *private placement
    *right issue

    Secondary Market – Secondary market is basically the market where sale and purchase of stocks occur. since the investiors cannot directly buy the shares here they buy it with the help of a broker.

    Instruments of secondary market –
    *Provides liquidity
    *scope of speculation
    *money invested is safe here
    *safe transactions occur
    *contributes to economic growth
    *encourages people to invest
    *encourages people to start investing in stock market

    Procedure of investing –
    *Select a broker
    *open an dmat(dmaterialised) ac with the help of it
    *order placed
    *execution of the order
    *settlement of order
    *transfer of money in replace of share to the dmat a/c
    *then we can transfer it to our acc and can withdraw it

    Deamaterialised – In past the share were delivered in physical format but now-a-days bcuz of the change in the rules and regulations by the govt the shares are deliverd in electrical form in the dmat acc.

    SEBI(Security Board of India) –
    this was established on 1988 12 april. It was made to do a regulatory check on the trading of shares.

    objectives/work of SEBI –
    *Sees that the trading is done in the proper way.
    *Meks sure that there no fraud techniques used.
    *Also makes ensure that the investor is not facing any kind of fraud from the side of broker
    *makes some strict rules and regulations for the brokers

    Functions of SEBI –
    Protective fuctions –
    *Protects the buyer from fraud
    *ensures that there no kind of insider training
    *promotes fair practices
    *Supports the POV of investors
    *Educates the buyer/investor about the stock market

    Regulatory Functions –
    *Registration of brokers
    *registration of agents
    *levying fees
    *protecting the interests of the buyer
    *helps in the development of the stock market
    *always publish informations related to stocks and bonds

    Development Functions –
    *Promotes the training of intermediaries like – brokers
    *Publishes articles related to stock market so that the buyer can get knowledge
    *can do any sort of training by taking the help of registered stock broker

    depository –
    *depository is like a bank where we can deposit or withdraw the shares.
    *its an unit of the depository system

    Depository Participant –
    *this the connection between the investor and the depository i.e the buyer has to contact to this depository participant first and then he will provide all the information to the depository.

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