Gen. Keane: What the Ukrainians have achieved is nothing short of remarkable – YouTube

Gen. Keane: What the Ukrainians have achieved is nothing short of remarkable


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  • Published On: 2022-05-17 08:00:05
  • Video Published/Author: Fox Business
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Retired four-star general provides insight on the Russia-Ukraine conflict on ‘Kudlow.’- #FoxBusiness #Kudlow

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  1. Oh Ukraine is winning – Russia is losing. Jack Keane says so. Now for the facts – Ukrainian soldiers are now laying down their weapons by the hundreds and thousand and surrendering. City after city have fallen to the Russians. No air defenses left on the Ukrainian side and the Russians fly at least 200 sorties a day. The Black Sea ports are now in Russian hands. The USA economy is crashing and USA inflation is at historic highs while the Rubles goes from strength to strength and already at five year highs. The infamous US and Canadian Howitzers are being destroyed in the field. All of this has caused over 5 million people to leave Ukraine as refugees and 13 million are now displaced within the country. But never let the fact get in the way of a good story because Jack Keane says the Ukraine is winning. Oh is that so Jack? I also heard that the US made a "strategic withdrawal" in Afghanistan and left billions of dollars of Equipment behind for the Taliban as gift from Uncle Sam. Good on ya Jack old buddy. Very generous of the US to do that . I also heard the tooth fairy came a-visiting last night and stole all ya teeth just like the US stole billions from the Russian sovereign wealth fund. Come on… surely if you want to make up fibs Jack you should at least try to make them a little more believable than this. Now here is the scary truth like it or not … The American empire has collapsed. Nobody in the world can now trust the US banking system any longer or trust the US dollar as a reserve currency. The US. has been shown to be a defeated war machine all over the world again. and again and again from Korea to Vietnam to Syria to Afghanistan to the Crimea to Ukraine. this is the collapse of the US empire. Make no mistake Jack you are on the way out. It is. a pity – it was nice while it lasted but now it's over.

  2. The false media reports that Ukraine is winning is laughable pure propaganda. The Russians are winning, the Russians will never quit. The media just doesn't understand that Russia's goal is to get the resources Coastline the oil fields and the farmland Putin doesn't need Kiev or any of the Cities those are just distractions the so yeah the media says Russia's losing that's a joke Russias winning

  3. Sounds good for Ukraine….but we only hear one side, never any mention of Russian successes. Their losses have been considerable but it’s not over yet. When fighting starts the truth goes out the door.

  4. What??? What are you guys smoking. Russia is winning. Ukraine has basically lost. More specifically the eastern Ukrainian troops are gaining against the western Ukrainian troops with help from the Russians.

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