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Great Relationships Need Conflict | Jennifer Whitmer | TEDxMcMasterU


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  • Published On: 2022-05-16 23:08:05
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Does anyone actually like conflict? For most of us, that’s big fat no. In many relationships, we avoid or rush conflict, hoping our relationships hold together. Instead, we come out the other side with shrapnel scars. Jenn Whitmer, a recovering conflict avoider, offers an opportunity: See conflict not as unavoidable, but as how we build deep and meaningful relationships.

Filming and video editing credits go to NSHAPS Productions and Kamal Ismail. Jenn Whitmer helps teams and leaders solve conflict and personality clashes. She speaks, writes, and coaches about hard topics with infectious joy. Through working with Jenn, people improve communication, work through conflict, and build self-awareness with the Enneagram. She asks big questions that lead to big dreams and big ideas and big living. Usually, that means laughing. Specializing in interpersonal conflict resolution, leadership, and the Enneagram, Jenn helps others communicate through difficulty so they can live powerful, connected, and wholehearted lives. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


  1. Great talk! We need more of this normalization of normal! Of course we have conflict but we either overreact and blow up or we stuff it and pretend it's not there. Ugh. Thanks for this Jen. You rock!

  2. As a child, I never heard my parents fight. Not even an argument. I didn't know how they did it actually. So that is why I thought that in a good relationship there was no fight. Oh boy, was I wrong 😅

  3. Totally agree. Conflict doesn't mean war, conflict means confrontation, and it's the only alternative to submitting or rejecting what you THINK the other wants (which probably isn't even what they really want). Knowing how to confront is to agree more often

  4. Le sigh. Computers are more sophisticated at tracking you and this is just some weird marketing to make you do the work and data can collect what you do after and they could make a pathway to calm down but they can get way more out of you if you are upset, anger, toxic. Essentially weirdo white women, you sold the little access you have for less in the future. Take a nap.

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