How American MAFIA saved Tax worth 1 Trillion dollars? : Business Case Study – YouTube

How American MAFIA saved Tax worth 1 Trillion dollars? : Business Case Study


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Video Introduction:
The avoidance of taxes is the only intellectual pursuit that still carries any reward.”
Regardless of how much money we make, taxes are very very painful to all of us!! and more importantly if you are running a small company who just made your first year of profit after 2 years of losses, handing that money to the govt is something that you will remember for a long time!! because you know that that money could be your saviour next year when you incur losses!
But while on one side there are normal people like you and me who pay our taxes sincerely, Google Microsoft and Apple used a genius tactitic by which they saved 1000s of crores of taxes every single year!! While google saved the 23 Billion dollars, Apple saved 78 Billion dollars and Microsoft saved 13.8 Billion dollars in 2017-18!! If you see that is more than 2 times the defence budget of India itself!!The question is What is this Tax Evasion strategy?
How does it escape the stringent laws of the taxation system?
and most importantly, what are the study materials that will help you understand these secret tax Evasion strategies used by the smartest minds in the world?

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  1. Do we have similar MAFIAs running also in India, I am damn sure, there would be many loopholes without involving other countries or sandwiches 😀 If possible please make a video or provide some infos. Thanks.

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