How China is TRAPPING INDIA using Pakistan & Sri Lanka? :Geopolitics Case study (China's Trade plan) – YouTube

How China is TRAPPING INDIA using Pakistan & Sri Lanka? :Geopolitics Case study (China's Trade plan)


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In 2013, the Chinese president Xijing made an announcement that took the entire world by surprise. This is when He made the announcement of something called the Belt and Road initiative and this initiative is by far the most crucial project that its going to cost China 1-8 trillion dollars, will take 27 years to be completed, involves 146 nations including major countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE and Russia and most importantly, it will make China the most powerful nation in the world!!! and as much as it scares me to say, but if the Belt and Road initiative goes well, India will be nowhere I repeat Nowhere close to China!!

So in perhaps the most important geopolitical episode of Think School, let’s try to understand,

What is exactly is the Belt and Road initiative?

How will this make China a global superpower?

and most importantly, what are the study materials that can help you understand China’s Masterplan better so that you can keep a check on what India is doing to counter it?

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  1. China dont have a political ideology to lead the world . Failed communism and some dictators will not be able to lead but can make trouble.. Reverse engineering , Scaling up existing tech .and no real innovation only manufactured innovation . In innovation side they cant be even near to islrael or japan … chance they may collapse .

  2. Well it's truth china can trap Pakistan but I love your language for Pakistan as if it's nothing and India Is a superpower keep dreaming you fools from last 10 years I have been seeing economic miracle of India which is a lie you guys always you stand not even a single chance till 2050 Infront of china your growth is not that much and I also saw your video regarding Pakistan economic collapse and I see how biased you are infact Pakistan is better economically in Imran khans tenure then it was ever you are a fool keep day dreaming
    By this I don't mean that Pakistan is great or growing fast but it's not that definitely what u have tried to potray

  3. Why do the other "power wannabee" countries doesn 't do the same?
    Why not help poor people and countries, instead of using the countrys wealth to enrich the already wealthy, and build gigantic military costs.
    So why military instead of the bettering of the many?
    To protect one selfes?
    Yes, the upper groups aim to protect what they "got".
    But as moore and moore of our leaders come from s c "simpler cirkumstances",, there are a hope that moore countries will cary of the mant.

  4. Are you really that stupid, the US will put a carrier battle group in your way. BTW, your dependence on the glaciers are gone. You are screwed. Pakistan has nukes and will take you out. India is dead and does not know it.

  5. Indian never will reach economically, militarily and understanding of foreign relationship. There is no foundation set up for growth. In order to growth of Indian that race, religion and corruption has to drastically improve and eliminate. These issues are not easy to eliminate. Good luck.

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