How did India's MTR Foods overcome all the economic downturns in the past 97 years &make 1000Crores? – YouTube

How did India's MTR Foods overcome all the economic downturns in the past 97 years &make 1000Crores?


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  • Published On: 2021-05-25 21:00:54
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Packaged food products company, MTR Foods which closed the last fiscal with a turnover of about ₹ 900 crores and growing at a CAGR of 14 percent, expects its revenue to top ₹ 1,000 crores this fiscal. About 10 percent of revenue comes from exports catering to the Indian diaspora. But this was not was always the case, this company has been in business for 97 years! In this video, we will understand how they lasted and passed the test of time and other socio-political and economic hurdles.

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  1. Money can build a business
    But it takes quality, guts and values to build a brand 🔥

    Drop a comment and let us know which Indian businessman you want us to cover next!

    Lots of love
    Ganeshprasad 🌟

  2. Dont think this is accurate. Packaged food from MTR didnt come during emergency. MTR is already sold to a Neatherland's company few years back, he never mentioned about that. This is just clickbait dont take it as facts.

  3. MTR has come out the Covid situation buy increasing prices on all its products
    The products selling now add no value to the company due to increased prices.
    Even MTR hotel in blore was always very expensive compared to others

  4. I follow your videos because they are informative, unfortunately in this you have got a few things incorrect. First and foremost MTR is not just South Indian food, it is typical Karnataka food. Had MTR been from Andra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu or Kerala , lines in the video would have been – “Andra Food or Tamil Special or Kerala Food”. There was not a word about Karnataka in the video, which is disappointing. Maiyyas are from Dakshina Kannada part of Karnataka and I would really appreciate if you get all your information right and give credits to the people, city and state they are from.

  5. Hii Ganesh sir,
    Please don't acknowledge this comment,
    Lots of times I have seen MTR in super market shelves, but I ignored it, bcz I did not know its history……


    You are doing great…. all together I must say precious job to make, we Indians new generations to make aware about the history of Indian business brands who have set a Bench mark in Industry…

    Thank you so much Ganesh sir and Think school team….

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