How DUBAI's Secret STRATEGY made it SUPER RICH & SUPER POWERFUL? : Dubai Growth case study – YouTube

How DUBAI's Secret STRATEGY made it SUPER RICH & SUPER POWERFUL? : Dubai Growth case study


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  • Published On: 2022-05-07 20:00:13
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With the discovery of oil, the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum began the development of Dubai. He began transforming the city from a small cluster of settlements near Dubai Creek to a modern port, city and commercial hub.
In this video, let’s understand how?

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  1. Very informative, but for our India 🇮🇳 to be a developed nation, we have to think towards inclusive development of all the sections of the society and as individuals we should not become the scapegoat for some other persons political gain & power

  2. Good video but it’s irritating the number of times you referred to Dubai as small and tiny. Dubai is almost 4000sq km in area and in fact larger than Mumbai. The distance from Al Nahda to Jebel Ali is the same as Dahisar to Colaba which is 75Km but Dubai is much wider and hence larger.

  3. Amazing. I feel corruption too is a huge issues and the ease of doing business. If taxation amd the way business is done improves- with less if corruption and beaurocracy if not 0 – india can easily become the next superpower

  4. Yes, India is filthy rich in terms of natural beauty, Historical heritage sites, diverse culture many festivals and can attract tourists very well than any other country if properly managed. Maybe we should follow the Kerala Tourism model which you mentioned in one of your previous videos for the entire India depending on States interests…

  5. Decolonise Indian minds and half of the job is done. India has tremendous potential in every field. Saudi Arabia is also trying to diversify their business and resources for sustainable growth in future. SA becoming more liberal and inclusive with time.

  6. Hamari population hee hamari potential wealth h aur yehi india ko success banayegi. Hamari population dusre k liye dukh k baat ho sakti h lekin hamare liye fortune leke ayegi bas ham apni indian population k ek goal hojye india k success.

  7. Dubai is ruled by a visionary monarchy.
    Objectives hv vision & clarity.
    Implementation is without bureaucratic muddling.
    India has the worst attributes of a Democracy without vision or clarity.
    A political-bureaucratic system which when even the best plans are laid with good intention the same are implemented disastrously. Above all else whilst the rulers of Dubai target to create wealth,
    The politics, politicans & bureaucrats in India hv other priorities the least of which is eliminating poverty.

  8. really great thanking you on seeing this our Indian heart also will get level that is what I honestly believe, dear brother definitely your contribution will turn around to the strong foundation stones for creating great India and the great world at large in future. dear brother my great honest salute.

  9. Same way do we create such atmosphere at home for our children, spouse , parents , cows, sheep , buffaloes , dogs, cats ,fishes , garden of vegetables and fruits , mushroom cultivation , horticulture , businesses , marketing , distribution , etc. Everything needs its own conducive favorable environment, everybody needs that favorable environment . Then we progress together . If we do not create that favorable environment , we all perish . No one can survive in unfavorable environment and unsuitable situations . Even a plant die without water . Animals and human beings , plants all flourish in proper conditions . Can we do that . Same principles applied everywhere and in all situations .

  10. Great video! I hope India will actually learn from Dubai (and myriad other success stories), though I'm not holding my breath. BTW, freight is a mass noun, so it cannot be plural. And it's pronounced "frayt", not "freet". No wonder the transcriber thought you said "freeze".

  11. They have lesser reserve of oil because they have oil in their Wells stop fooling people with misguided facts…India has more reserve because India don't produce oil…

  12. what is 35 sq km Dubai land area from google, I don't understand pls someone explain.. does it mean like 5 km x 7km kind off… he doesn't have the proper knowledge or my maths is stupid. or this is why we should not take from the internet for granted.

    @thinkschool Dont collect information to exaggerate even though little information needs to be accurate at least to be close.

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