How Flipkart is beating Amazon using its Business STRATEGY ? : Indian Retail Wars Episode 1 – YouTube

How Flipkart is beating Amazon using its Business STRATEGY ? : Indian Retail Wars Episode 1


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Video Introduction:
With every passing year, both companies Amazon and Flipkart have been extending their arms in digital payments, private labels, groceries, and more. However, Amazon Vs Flipkart, both are aggressively expanding dominating the e-commerce Indian sector, regardless of whether it is fulfillment centers, logistics, or technology. Who is winning and Why?

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Disclaimer : This video is meant only for educational purposes and is not meant to be taken as Investment advice of any kind
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  1. I never use Flipkart, 99 percent Amazon only. I still don't understand how Flipkart is doing business competing against Amazon. Flipkart has mostly cheap products, bad sellers, and delayed shipping. I guess its good enough for the masses of India.

  2. Hi Ganesh one request from your enthusiastic learner's side. Could you make a note of the important points in the video seperately in a folder or a document attached in the description?. Could be really appreciable, looking forward:)

  3. flipkart was my favourite app but ab ye bhi american ho gaya to sab maa chudao
    mai snapdeal se khareed leta hoon ya phir amazon se.
    jab saanp se katwana hi hai to usase katwao jo tumhe katne hi aaya hai usase nahin jo tumhara bankar raha aur phir achanak kaat le

  4. In USA, Amazon gives free subscription to students. I don’t know about India.
    Even alibaba business strategy is interesting and seems more profitable than Amazon but alibaba couldn’t expand outside China to great extent. With Jio and local shop tie up strategy is similar to alibaba I think where local shop keepers will be uplifted and inventory/warehouse costs would be reduced considerably. It’s a great idea and can beat amazon!

    I did a case study on Amazon in 2019 and it has some major warehouse and inventory costs which was leading to negative revenue and hence it’s venture into cloud services etc seemed beneficial.

  5. I have never purchased a single thing from Flipkart in my life. nor has anyone else in my family. none of my friends. i hardly see flipkart orders in my society. i have lived in dehradun, Gujarat, delhi, noida , greater noida. na koi mere aspas flipkart se kuchh mngata tha na maine mere area me bhi dekha kabhi. Amazon is miles miles ahead. honestly saying.

  6. This is hard to believe that flipkart is beating amazon in terms of market share, as I am a loyal amazon customer. I always had complaints when i bought anything from flipkart(except my first and second phone)

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