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How I Bought a Brand New Tesla Half Price


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  • Published On: 2020-10-18 21:30:04
  • Video Published/Author: Ali Abdaal
  • Video Duration: 00:06:20
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Hey friends, in this video I’ll be going over the financial wizardry that allowed me to get a brand new Tesla Model 3 for basically half the price. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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  1. The conclusion is wrong. If your 50K cash gets taxed down to 24K when you try to take them out of a company, it doesnt mean that you get Tesla for 24K, its the opposite,.
    You would need to take out 100K to afford Teslas 48K in cash as opposed to buying it for 40K as the company. So comparison should be 100K vs 40K and not 40K vs 24K.

  2. You are more and more into creating content that is jealousy inducing. You used to be the nice guy that one could identify with. Now you are alienating from your audience. Please focus on reviewing books, tools, ideas. Stop showing off constantly.

  3. Ali: can I buy this car?
    Mom: no way
    Ali: it makes more business sense ,mom
    Mom: don't start it again.. I know you are not the young pakistani kid anymore.. do what ever you want 🙄

  4. 3:38: Just a small note (to be pedantic because I can’t help myself): higher rate tax actually starts when you earn over £50,270: the first £12,570 of earnings is the tax-free personal allowance, and it’s only when the remainder of your taxable income is over £37,701 that you go up to 40% tax from 20% 🤓

  5. Humm why do you have a student loan outstanding, paying interest too. As you have been earning good money for a few years now, recently getting up to 27k a month! I am pretty sure you can afford to pay off your loans in one go. I did that as soon as I had enough money, paid off my loans within 3 years of graduating, otherwise would have accumulated years and years of interest.

  6. Great advice and whilst I did the same for a £11k e-bike i didn’t realise the BIK rate was zero, now for 21/22 it’s just 1%. One question though, to put it through the business and get the benefit I guess you have to buy it outright?

  7. How does that apply in France though? Some people tell me you can only write off business expenses like electricity or the merchandise you're buying. Not computers, phones, cars or anything considered personal since you won't be able to claim vat returns on that. Is it true or the person talked gibberish? I don't find enough info of that on the web and most good finance books are in english and talk about US laws. Bit lost as I don't find much useful concerning french laws on businesses and vat

  8. This would be similar to the US if you’re an S-Corp. The only thing is S-Corps don’t pay taxes and instead it’s a pass-through entity for taxes so only the individual is taxed. But this was a really useful video. ❤️❤️

  9. Hi Ali, I'm full time employed and don't have a limited company. Could you setup a limited company fund the company with personal savings, or even a business loan and still have personal use of the vehicle as the director of the company!?

    Not in the spirit of the scheme for sure, but would be interesting to see if legal

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