How I faked being a billionaire so you could see NYC’s best views | Andi Schmied | TEDxVienna – YouTube

How I faked being a billionaire so you could see NYC’s best views | Andi Schmied | TEDxVienna


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All of us want to see Manhattan from above, but very few can do it from their own living room. While posing as an apartment-hunting Hungarian billionaire, Andi Schmied accessed and documented Manhattan’s most exclusive high-rise properties: for the duration of the project, she inhabited a fictional persona, Gabriella, a mother of one whose husband is an antique dealer. Complemented by fragments of the real estate conversations, the talk guides the audience through this elite world hidden up in the clouds, while highlighting its problematic nature. Andi Schmied is a visual artist and architect dealing with anomalies found in our contemporary cityscapes and problematic dead-ends of urban planning. In her most recent book, ‘Private Views: A High-Rise Panorama of Manhattan’, she uncovers the domestic spaces of the New York elite. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


  1. Hope Gabriella knows her name by now, the guy showing the apartment says it every sentence in his showing. I’ve had people do this to me and by the end of the episode, I don’t even like my name anymore.

  2. That scene at the start was so obviously fake and scripted. /

    It was so unnatural and obviously scripted only showing you the view while the scripted over dubbed pre-recording is played over the top.

    If you listen you can hear it click in over the top of the sound of the actual room along with other background voices that seem to repeat themselves robotically and her responses are wooded and sound like reading a script and sounds like a different room than what he is in .

    It is probably her in her own room or a friends filming what is outside her window.

  3. That just sounds like speaking to an old male version of Siri, does he actually sell anything with that lake pitch? Maybe rich people are use to it or don't care really

  4. The agent's dry, rehearsed, insincere opening pitch. That's some world class used car salesman level stuff.
    "Check out that deluxe cowhide, steering wheel cover, power windows and AM FM radio, Gabriella. …She's a real cream puff."

  5. Whoa… so this started as an entertaining video about beautiful views of the city, and ended up a lesson about why our housing market is so effed up. It's all about greed! Investors are holding onto empty buildings, and right before the market goes back down, they'll leave the average homeowner holding the bag with no equity and for many in Manhattan, with no sunlight. Our economy and our livelihood is going from bad to worse so that the greedy few can benefit. I understand people wanting financial freedom and wealth, but not at the cost of screwing over others.

  6. "Just imagine"… If this was done and published like this by someone non-European… "Gabriella… had a different non-Latin name… and nothing to do with being "white-skinned"… it will have been termed some act of snooping around, "impersonating alien", maybe even going to an extent "terror activity" etc…

  7. faking a bilionaire means going to their parties, networking with them, not just going to random building to talk him bored sales guys, the title of this video should be , how i faked being a ted speaker and bored people to death.

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