How ITC's Business STRATEGY revolutionised Indian Agriculture? : Business case study – YouTube

How ITC's Business STRATEGY revolutionised Indian Agriculture? : Business case study


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Video Introduction:
Every now and then we all keep hearing about the pathetic state of farmers in our country! and in spite of employing more than 50% of the workforce, the condition of the Indian agricultural sector has been so bad that every day 28 people are dependent on agriculture committed suicide! and every time we hear this news, 99% of us curse the government, feel sorry for the farmers and we just move on until another news comes in! and in this process of shallow activism, we never ever try to understand exactly is the problem of the farmers at the ground level?
But you know what guys, the Indian Tabacco company has been working on a revolutionary business strategy and has improved the lives of 4 million farmers across 35,000 villages in India! and the best part is they have achieved this incredible feat of not giving charity by deploying a world-class business strategy that has even doubled the income of farmers! and with the execution of the farm bill, if you understand this strategy, you will not just be able to tap into million-dollar business opportunities in the Agri space, but also be able to understand how can Zomato, Grofers, Swiggy become profitable in the next 5 to 10 years!
So the golden question is what exactly is this strategy? How will it help Zomato and Grofers become profitable and what are the lessons that we need to learn from this wonderful case study?

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  1. It is an awesome video. It gave us an insight of what is really happening in the farming industry and the models and structure of it. But i have a doubt! Did ITC produce their own soya yields first? Because you said so, then they also launched the initiative of e-chaupal for all the farmers and facilitated proper supply chains?

  2. Instead of meaningless random facts doled out in Youtube, your content is fresh and impactful. Everyone citizen should get interested since the fact agriculture and it jobs and livelihood it creates affects for almost 80 percent of our country. Thanks for bringing to light this meticulously planned operation by a well run corporate giant ITC.

  3. This is the reason why farm bill was passed by Modi govt. But the cartel of traders agitation destroyed the farmers. The Govt is now trying some other method to help farmers indirectly with yours help directly.

  4. We can't generalise the "pathetic state of farmers" statement just like that … agri products attract the least tax and receive the most subsidy . Probably the problem is in the way smaller farmers farms . They have not kept up with modern agri techniques … because there are clans of farmers who are making crores from farming and then there are the other small farmers who gasp for air . In India if there is a skewed distribution of wealth , skills and power in any sector that has to be agri sector. Not to mention the brokers who bleed small farmers to death …. just a few months back the rich farmer clans so eloquently kept the whole system alive .

  5. Finally someone pointed out what's wrong with our Indian agriculture industry. Where are those people who were against the farm bills put out by the government. Because of dumb wits went against that bill our farmers might never get their rights.

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