How Losing My Dream Job Skyrocketed My Career | Alexandra Gater | TEDxCentennialCollegeToronto – YouTube

How Losing My Dream Job Skyrocketed My Career | Alexandra Gater | TEDxCentennialCollegeToronto


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  • Published On: 2020-12-16 21:09:59
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In this talk, Alexandra Gater, a Centennial College graduate, shares how losing her dream job sky-rocketed her career as a YouTube influencer. Before starting her Youtube Channel, Alexandra was the Home Editor for Canada’s iconic women’s lifestyle magazine Chatelaine, where she created the successful YouTube series The Home Primp. Alexandra is passionate about showing millennials it’s possible to live in a home that feels stylish and beautiful (even if you rent!) without spending a lot of time or money. Her Youtube channel is a collection of service-driven home decor content including budget room makeovers and decor hauls. In just a year, she’s gained over 165k viewers who tune in every Friday to receive easy decor tips and fun, budget DIY inspiration. When she isn’t producing content for her own channel, she is a host for the HGTV digital series Buy or DIY and hosts and produces Shopify’s Make It Work. She is also a regular guest expert on Cityline and The Global Morning Show. Alexandra graduated on the Dean’s List with High Distinction for an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree specializing in Journalism and minoring in Studio Arts at The University of Toronto. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


  1. I love your decor videos, Alexandra! You are bright, articulate, creative, funny, sweet and entirely relatable and charming. Journalism / home decor – articulate, methodical, yet spontaneous and creative. Thank you for this talk. The world is truly your oyster, kid, keep going for it

  2. So happy I found this talk today! I am at that crossroad! I need to do some soul searching! Thank you Alexandra! I didn’t think I could be a bigger fan but I am after watching this! Continued success!!! 🥰

  3. Excellent talk, Alexandra! You are fabulous and have inspired me so much to push forward and succeed. That and your small space designs are a joy. Thank you 😊

  4. I looked at this when it came out and was inspired very much , I have seen you grow so much since then till now . Amazing and inspiring is an understatement NOW your generosity is your secret ingredient . You made it happen not only for you , you Are making it for so many . Congratulations Alexandra.

  5. I find it inspiring to listen to all these people who got fired or laid-off/lost their jobs then used this as the catalyst for a better career future… But most of the time these great stories involve people who are educated and experienced in great fields, therefore they have the resources to make things happen, or at least make it easier for them. I'm about to lose my job and I'm frustrated because I hate jobs and have no sense of purpose whatsoever. If you're in the same situation as mine, cheers to a hopeful and successful future. We'll get there.

  6. Love Alexandra. Have been following her on YT for a year now and had no idea she had a TedTalk!! She's accomplished so much!!! Her story is inspiring to many young entrepreneurs out there 😊.

  7. As a follower of Alexandras channel, I wish I had just a little bit of her creativity and guts. She is a very smart young woman and I hope I can watch her for a very long time as a creator on YouTube, even though I know there will be bigger chances waiting for her.

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