How Microsoft KILLS its Competition Silently?: Business Strategy Case Study – YouTube

How Microsoft KILLS its Competition Silently?: Business Strategy Case Study


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Video Introduction: On May 18, 1998, the U.S. Department of Justice and the Attorneys General of twenty U.S. states sued Microsoft for being a monopoly and illegally kill its competition in the computer market! and what followed next was one of the most historic case in tech history which lasted for 2 decades! and fast forward to 23 years later, even today, Microsoft is still killing its competition right in front of our eyes which could result into yet another historic law suit! The question is How did Microsoft kill its competition? What was their business strategy that turned Microsoft them into such a powerful company and most importantly, what are the lessons that we need to learn from this iconic case study ?
In this video, we cover everything along with the business lessons that you can apply to your business!

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Study materials
You will find every micro detail in this documentation of the case

Bill gates statements on the case (Study his body language)

How Microsoft is killing Slack?

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  1. Take this as constructive feedback- but this was a relatively poorly researched video.
    You made absolutely no mention of how Microsoft pivoted its business model in 2015 from Windows to cloud computing and embracing open source.
    You should have mentioned how Microsoft went from offering just their products on their platforms to going completely cross-platform. The organisational changes introduced by Satya Nadella that make him arguably the most successful tech CEO ever.
    How Microsoft went from Windows completely dominating their revenue share to them developing a really well-balanced revenue stream with Azure, Windows, Office, etc.
    I know this was really focused on killing competitors, but still, a video on Microsoft is incomplete without these mentions.

  2. Americans are using smart indians to grow thier economy and we are getting poor and poor cuz our smart people are leaving india thats why Microsoft type of company'are growing bigger and bigger

  3. Hi Team, I would like to ask as to how is this killing the competition and why is it wrong to promote your product over that of competition. I mean Microsoft saw the opportunity to develop a web browser and Netscape just could not handle the competition. I mean at the same time Apple captured Microsoft market for operating system and Google dominates the web browser industry. Today also, the reason people are using teams is because of accessibility and user friendly feature. Beside Teams is generally used by businesses to not stop the leakage of data, while Zoom is used by individuals.

  4. I remember when IE was released – I shifted from Netscape, Mosaic to IE and haven’t looked back.

    The main learning is when a company owns a core proposition like Operating System with majority market share – of course it is easy for them to extend in adjacent product categories. In this strategy, Netscape never had a chance.

    What would be a more interesting case study is that of Search Engines. Yahoo was dominating, and Google, in very quick time, took majority market share – how would be interesting. And then Microsoft having the same advantage have tried really hard via Bing to get more market share but Google pretty much owns tge search engine market.

    This would be a very interesting case study.

  5. I don’t get why activex controls will make it harder to download files and that somehow attacked Netscape ? Isn’t activex Microsoft approach to make web “rich” like adobe flash player? I don’t see why it would make Netscape browser hard to download Microsoft office files?

  6. Comparing teams to zoom is not like comparing apples to apples. There is a lot that teams brings to the table which makes zoom redundant. Teams is an integral part of the ms office / office 365 ecosystem.

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