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How Money Can Buy Happiness


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  • Published On: 2022-02-06 17:28:26
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Yes, Money CAN Buy Happiness if you know how to spend it!
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In this video we will be answering the following questions:
Can money buy happiness?
How to spend money to be happy?
How to make money to be happy?
How does money and happiness work hand in hand?
Does money buy happiness?
How to use money to end up happy?

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  1. clearly people who make videos on this channel are hypocrites. In one video you clearly said money cant buy happiness and if you are not happy when your poor , you will not be happy when you are rich. and now you prove yourself wrong. The truth is that this channel is all about talking and spreading advice about getting rich which any person can get from reading good books. in real life the owner of this channel is NOTHING. he dosent even have the confidence to make his own videos himself and talk in front of the camera , let alone building a business and getting rich. this is one of the worst most useless channels on youtube. all about talking and spreading advice and making videos about random useless topics to get views. if your channel is so good like you claim why do get very less views on most videos ?? considering the amount of subscribers you have.

  2. You do not search for money to create happiness

    This is what I just heard on the 2nd well second 100 th repetition consistent listening of a lux for years

    I've heard a video last night where the narrator had suggested
    purchase. .. equipment, that creates money that may bring happiness

  3. i will make happy all the time if i win the lottery in 100-500 million dollars and spend only 100,000 dollars a year, it can be stress free all the time, i can live a life for 150 years youngers and plenty of knowledege and time of everything…i can have everything and make good things in life…

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