How PAKISTAN committed SUICIDE with its ECONOMY ? : Pakistani Economic Crisis case study – YouTube

How PAKISTAN committed SUICIDE with its ECONOMY ? : Pakistani Economic Crisis case study


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  • Published On: 2022-04-19 20:00:13
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Video Introduction:
Pakistan is facing one of the worst economic crisis in its history!! and while most people and journalist are blaming Imran khan for this condition, what we don’t realise is that Pakistan’s downfall has been happening since 70 long years!! In fact Pakistan has been consistently facing economic crisis ever since its partition from India and in the past 30 years itself, the IMF alone has bailed it out for 13 times! and just like Sri Lanka, the Pakistani economic crisis has got some very very important for us the citizens of India.
So in this episode today, we are putting out the simplest possible explanation as to
What exactly went wrong with Pakistan?

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  1. Pakistan amputated more than half of her population by killing their own citizens in East Pakistan in 1971, which is now Bangladesh and thriving after all the destruction of the violent war crimes.
    Pakistan is ruled by leaders who specialize in religious fanaticism extremism and violence and agitation! But unfortunately, they have more than one version of their favorite religions, Shia Sunni Ahmedia Wahaby etc etc and five or more dominant languages and ethnic groups and political elite families who are keen to exploit the opportunities.
    Jinnah was a Shia lawyer in London who was asked by the Agha Khan to help a group of students in the UK who wanted to make a homeland for the Muslims in certain areas of Indian Subcontinent.
    Jinnah had no personal convictions or passions or enthusiasm but he was a great lawyer by training and temperament.
    Jinnah took the project to please the Aghah Khan an absentee living the high life, and did involve in many questionable wheeling and dealing including maneuvering important politicians representing secular and religious leaders of Bengal such as Abul Hashem Netaji Shubhas Chandra Bose and Sharat Bose, AK Fazlul Haque,
    HS Shohrawardee etc etc!
    Unified India was sacrificed for toxic religious based countries in the Subcontinent !
    Military expenditure has always dominated the budgets over education health care or social services!
    It is not looking good most of the people in the subcontinent.
    The failed state status is here for the Pakistani people.
    I was born a Indian and became Pakistani and Bangladeshi and now an American !
    As a human being I hope all people aspire for peaceful coexistence and give up the religious fanaticism and violence.
    Secularism is preferable to fanaticism!
    Religion can be personal belief but not group behavior for violence or aggression .

  2. It's not just last 70 years, in my opinion power struggle has been going on in the land of now Pakistan since a thousand years at least. It boils down to how much bound the community is but unfortunately unity is lacking especially among the people of the whole Punjab region including both India and Pakistan.

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