How Reliance is planning to KILL Amazon in INDIA? : The BIGGEST BUSINESS WAR IN INDIAN HISTORY – YouTube

How Reliance is planning to KILL Amazon in INDIA? : The BIGGEST BUSINESS WAR IN INDIAN HISTORY


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Tatas are going to benefit from this Business war and here is a smallcase through you can easily invest in them:

Video Introduction:
India’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of Inc.’s efforts to halt the sale of indebted, cash-starved Future Retail Ltd. to Reliance Industries Ltd., which is a big boost to the global retailing giant’s ambitions of dominating the crucial $1 trillion retail market.

But Amazon is in a mix because they have been accused to have favored big sellers on its India platform – and used them to maneuver around rules meant to protect the country’s small retailers from getting crushed by e-commerce giants, internal documents show.

PM Modi’s office and India’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry have brought in new laws that inhibit this. Reliance with all its cash and power will be looking to capitalize on this. They have made strategic partnerships with Whatsapp and other companies.

In this video, we shall decode Reliance’s plan to end Amazon India’s flurry. Watch it till the end and leave a comment.

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References mentioned in the video to study further
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2. New rules of e-commerce in India

3. Impact of Amazon return shipment on the company profits and environment

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Disclaimer: This video has been made with certain assumptions of the location of warehouses in the supply chain and an approximate cost needed for shipment. All this information is only meant for educational purposes and is not meant to be taken as investment advice. Do your own research before you invest anywhere.


  1. Here, we can easily perceive bias of the presenter towards Reliance.

    The empire of e – commerce giant has been built brick by brick over the span of more than 20 years. It was step by step process.Amazon is the amazing combination of Science, commerce and art. The Amazon software, algorithm to manage ware houses, people’s expertise are totally unmatched.They have achieved certain heights for delivering products to consumers satisfaction over these years.

    Jeff bezos is a ruthlessly competitive person and one of sorted person in business world.He has not just survived the competition but 2008gepreat recession,too.

    When it comes to Reliance online business, it looks like they are not developing it step by step but just gathering all sources together.even , Reliance Jio mart for groceries have not beat Groffers or Big basket..

    Mukesh Ambani is the great business man but he has to begin from scratch while Amazon is experienced by consumers.

  2. Amazon enables small stores or even people without stores to sell online. I ordered many prod from amazon. Sometime product comes from 2000km away. Reliance doesnt enable others to sell on their retail.

  3. amazon return are worst … when i order anything order naver fails but when tried to return within hour of delivery it keep cancelling again and again .. trying to avoid 7 days so I can't do it anymore ..🤢

  4. India cannot have Free Trade agreements (FTA) while simultaneously restricting Foreign Direct investment (FDI). India is trying to protect Kiranas, but if Amazon and Walmart exit, Reliance will charge higher prices and commission. the consumer will be the loser.

  5. Reliance digital can’t even deliver a product right. They have the worst customer care that can’t do anything. I have ordered a product and it’s been almost a month and they did not deliver the product. And they are not even cancelling the order saying we can only cancel at doorstep. They won’t deliver and we can’t cancel so they will hold your money forever. Stupid Company better to buy at Amazon

  6. Reliance return l policy looks good and sustainable but when it's in your neighborhood there's every chance of some arm-twisting and hostile look from the part of the reliance store staff. I would rather prefer Amazon no questions asked approach.
    About the limits to the FDI investment… It can be titled differently.

  7. Well its Amazon! One of the world's largest company. It will not quit like a piece of cake from India because of competition. Remember it was Amazon that revolutionized the online retail industry. Amazon may come up with a strategy to open mega retail stores (like Walmart in USA) in Mega cities of India followed by all the major cities to reduce wastage and losses due to returns if this is the real problem they are facing.

  8. Very well reserached case study of Reliance v/s Amazon.Asa finance professional who worked in retail and real estate industry for two decades his study make real sense and as far as investment in any sector any companybyany prudent investors it is always backed by his or her own study and gut feel and data crunching.This kind of case study give us crtical information and required direction for our own research before investing..Hats off to him.👍

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