How Tanishq HACKED the GOLD Market of India : Titan & Tanishq (A TATA Product) Business Case Study – YouTube

How Tanishq HACKED the GOLD Market of India : Titan & Tanishq (A TATA Product)  Business Case Study


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  • Published On: 2022-04-15 20:00:13
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Tanishq is one of the most incredible brands in the Indian business history, and like we saw in the Titan episode, In past 20 years, the stock price of the its parent company Titan has shot up by not 10 not 20 but 33,000% going from just 7.11 Rs to 2700 Rs. and a mere 10,000Rs invested in Titan 20 years back would be worth minimum 35 Lakh Rs. Now although Titan has a lot of brands under its canopy, the jewellery division alone accounts for 75% of its total business! and as of 2021, Tanishq generated a net sales of 20,600cr!! and today it is one of the biggest jwellery sellers in the Country!! So the question is,How did Titan turn Tanishq into the such a huge brand? Lets find out in this video!

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  1. Kerala gold brands are the real dominating ones in indian gold market… like malabar, kalyan, joy alukkas etc… atleast some have dubious past links to hawala-black money too like in case of malabar, but they are trying to be clear these days as they are the leading figure in business..

  2. Great research but I don't think Tanishq is that popular, in spite of the heavy marketing and advertising. There are many local brands doing extremely well and looks like the market will stay that way. But the Karatmeter was certainly a great and necessary innovation.

  3. Please do not fool people those who have visited Tanishq knows that they are overpriced. Please come to Pune and I will show you there are plenty of small jwellers who are benefitting due to Tanishq's high price

  4. U need a explanation videos why SAARC countries r behind compared to ASEAN……India as a leading county is hampering the development of other nations and why it should accept china as a new asian power…..

  5. Tanishq killed local jewellers ? No man .not at all . They are so overpriced and same design as local jewellers . Even in jewellery brand there are lot of other options like kalyaan etc . Mostly person or women don't buy jewellery by just brand name , they see design and cost

  6. My dad went to Tanishq and asked for gold ring they said it's 22 caret but on machine it showed 22.4 caret and when he said to test his pre-owned ring of 22 caret it showed 17.4 caret

    I trust tanishq due to this reason

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