How TATA STEEL became the GREATEST Company in INDIAN History? | Business Case Study Ep2 Tata Series – YouTube

How TATA STEEL became the GREATEST Company in INDIAN History? | Business Case Study  Ep2 Tata Series


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The question is How did the TATA steel become such a formidable company?

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Video Introduction:
Tata steel is one of the Greatest companies in the history of India!! and the most astonishing thing about this company is that it has been a major pillar of India’s economy for more than 114 years! and these 114 years include the most turbulent times in world history including 2 world wars, the great depression and 4 National wars ! but all throughout these times Tata steel has stood tall and managed to become dominant force in the world steel industry!!

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Study Materials
Last Labour Strike at Tata

Why Tata Steel’s 99-year-old trade union hasn’t seen a strike since 1928?

Best book I could find on the house of Tata

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  1. Sir, I've made the payment for LinkedIn class. Payment is successful. But I'm not able to view the course. What's the way to view it? …… Will you provide link? Or is their website wr must visit or login in order to access the course. There's no option available on the site to contact you, no helpline number provided.
    Will you please tell the details of the course?

  2. Complete bullshit.
    Tata steel lost 40% market share in india because of Jsw.
    Tata steel is losing 3% market share in india to Jsw every year.
    Make a video on how JSW destroyed 70 year monopoly in steel called tata steel.

  3. I LOVE watching your videos they are always on the point ,nothing extra just pure information and the way ypu talk is so involving i just love it,,,and ofcourse to the TATAs words are less and i always bow to them

  4. In the jewelry of Sir Dorabji Tata's wife Lady Meherbhai Tata. There was a beautiful "Jubliee" Diamond necklace which is the largest diamond in the world and they didn't even hesitate a bit to put that diamond on the mortgage also to save labor from termination. What a wonderful spirit that was towards the people who worked in the factory.

  5. More explanation, please. I couldn't understand how did they manage to survive without firing workers. The only thing I'm able to infer is that they could survive coz they had enough to drain. Thus they drained from whatever they had to prevent worker strikes while also not dying themselves.
    Correct me if I'm wrong.

    (I think the solution should have sounded like they found unprecedented ways to sell… or maybe something else that was able to help them to deal with crisis unlike others, It sounds like they had a bigger buffer to drain away, which isn't helpful as it has huge precondition)

  6. The parsis hv done sooo much for india growth n r great humanitarian unlike the ambanis who flaunt so much wealth on themselves they should do more for the country rather than building 35 stories house n when u go from tbis world leave a legacy n good name

  7. Now a days Tata products quality has gone down.Because they r using third parties in manufacturing so many many complaints now a days as the quality control is not up to their hands.U better know the facts brother

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