How to Know If You're Meant to Be An Entrepreneur | Kiki Ayers | TEDxBuckhead – YouTube

How to Know If You're Meant to Be An Entrepreneur | Kiki Ayers | TEDxBuckhead


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According to Kiki Ayers there are key traits natural born entrepreneurs have stemming from an early age.
Speaking from her own experience of working a 9-5 to her journey to entrepreneurship, Ayers makes the case that being an entrepreneur isn’t something that be taught. Though there are skill sets you can learn through workshops, speaking engagements and courses, she argues that the determination, motivation and dedication is something you either have or you don’t.

Before her success as an award winning journalist, entrepreneur and advocate, she ignored many signs that she wasn’t meant to be an employee and through survival skills and taking a leap of faith she’s now successful as a serial entrepreneur. Ayers Publicity

Ke’Andrea “Kiki” Ayers is the C.E.O of Ayers Publicity and a multi-media Entertainment Journalist. Through her experiences in Journalism she has built a foundation of media contacts. Stemming from the Howard University John H. Johnson School of Communications, she majored in Journalism and minored in English. She spent all her time in school interning for major outlets such as MTV, BET, NBC and CBS Radio. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


  1. That means when you own your business. No one should work for you. You need to do it all by yourself cause those people you might need to employ will work 8 hours for you. So we all need employees no matter how this is put.

  2. 7:51
    I felt this part the most. I can’t stand working for someone else. My whole life as a child was easy but hard. I had a lot of traumatic experiences and my grandmother felt bad so she spoiled me. Not really an excuse but that made me not want to work for anything. I tried so many jobs and I didn’t like any of them. I’ve came up with plans and ideas to become financially free, I just never pull myself to going thru with it.

  3. This is one of THE BEST Tedx Talks I've listened to. She was so vulnerable, real, and relatable. Everything she spoke, I've experienced on my entrepreneurial journey (except homelessness). The entrepreneurial journey takes extreme grit, perseverance, and commitment. I wish every entrepreneur spoke realistically like this and not acted like it was a smooth journey. It's not!

  4. I'm so glad I came across this video, she is absolutely right about the reality and the perception of entrepreneurs. It takes a very specific character trait to be an entrepreneur and not everybody has that. Realistically probably 10% of the population has this trait. You have to be willing to work when you don't want to work, be mentally tough when stress levels are high, be creative, open minded, willing to admit you're wrong when you're wrong, have good relationship skills, management skills, making sacrifices for the best interest of the company, the will to continue to learn and educate yourself so you can continue to grow. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, yes it's rewarding but it doesn't come without consistency, dedication and hard work!

  5. She thinks she is born with entrepreneurship skills which is just dead wrong. In fact this is how some people try to tell normal ppl they are extraordinary and others are just not made for it. Her fundamental thinking and analysis or "meant to be…" is a total bs and u founded.

    She acts like she has done research and have concrete scientific findings. This is the problem with this shallow ppl going everywhere and try to teach ppl.

    She is rights on the cometiment.

    Also she is able to get something done doesn't mean she is special, she thinks like that which a bad philosophy 🤔

    Why this person do speak to any kid?

  6. how teachable that attitude would be in correlation with the specifics of the internal independent motivation.
    don't know how common that is
    could do down to "ego" directly indirectly, "serving" others etc. so it can be learnable dependent on what fuels and fires your motivation, that being all owned internally and not dependent on external
    and also of course, "definitions".
    any sort.

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