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How To Learn Faster By Teaching Others


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One of the best proven ways to learn faster is by teaching others. Watch the video to see how.

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In this video we will be answering the following questions:
How does teaching others help you learn?
How can I learn faster than others?
How do I learn to quickly learn?
What makes people learn fast?
How do students learn best?
Does the protege effect work?
How can I learn 10x faster?
Are fast learners more intelligent?
How can I study faster and smarter?
What are slow learners?
How can I study faster without forgetting?
How do you prove you are a fast learner?
Why do I learn slower than others?
How can I improve my learning?
What are the 3 ways to learn?
What methods should teachers use?
How do I see my role as a teacher?
Why do we teach others?
How do you teach someone skills?
What is it called when you learn from others?
What is the best time to study?
How can I memorize things permanently?
How do you study secretly?
Do slow learners have low IQ?
Do slow learners remember more than fast learners?
How can I be clever without studying?
How many hours should I study?
Why do I fail even though I study hard?

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  1. I used this method back in the 70’s during college. I would study with my friends and those poor dumb aszholes just couldn’t understand certain subjects. So I had to learn it then find ways to explain to them. After a few glasses of Boonesfarm and couple joints, they got it, and so did I. My grades were better than theirs because I reinforced my learning by explaining the subjects.
    Thanks Alux, for validating my approach to learning. Let’s do a doobie on day…lol

  2. I been subscribed now for a while, extremely happy about the channel lots of benefits so thank you. I was wondering can you guys make video on NFT'S in details and the platforms used for NFT's? Would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again.

  3. It's therefore a life cycle. We learn from resources like Alux to stay focused and invest fearlessly. We in turn produce our own expertise for free with a fine-tuned drive that hopefully motivates others a fraction as much. Bravo to this channel for adding more to the world!

  4. It is apt that you used the image of Yoda teaching Luke, since every jedi is expected to teach other jedi. It is the teaching experience that makes them better jedi knights, and masters. Teaching Anakin made OB1 better, teaching made Ahsoka made Anakin better. So it is with blackbelts in martial arts. They get the black belt, they become sensai. This makes them better.

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