How To Manage Your Time More Effectively | 8 Time Management Tips For Students | ChetChat Timeboxing – YouTube

How To Manage Your Time More Effectively | 8 Time Management Tips For Students | ChetChat Timeboxing


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ChetChat – How To Manage Your Time More Effectively | 8 Scientifically Proven Time Management Tips For Students | @ChetChat

00:51 – Eisenhower Matrix
02:03 – Time Boxing
05:04 – Pomodoro Technique
06:52 – Parkinson’s Law
08:00 – Just do it
09:12 – Eat that frog in the morning
10:15 – Rewards
11:02 – Learn to Say NO

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  1. Very well said, your presentation is quite outstanding and easy to comprehend, there is a lot going on in the world now which will eventually affect the future either positively or negatively thereby causing an increase or decrease in the financial market, in order not to fall victim now is the time to start investing to secure your future
    I’m currently building my finance and increasing my portfolio in the mean time

  2. Thank you so much ma'am for these tips
    Your my life-saver
    I really don't have time to complete my syllabus
    But thanks to you! I have completely understood what to do and I am glad that I am on time for completing my portions😊
    Also, the Pomorado technique worked for me! Thanks again😊

  3. Hi mam, My child inspires to lead her future towards medicine…… So, for this task when should she start her preparations mam…. Your suggestion might lead my daughter's life into a bright future…

  4. Mam now I'm in the do or die situation…
    Basically I'm an final year engineering student… But Im appointed in central gvt job in post office ….. I'm not getting holiday in my post office to complete my education Wat I should do now…..shall I drop my engineering course or shall I quit my job…..but I can't manage both…. What I should do now…. ..

  5. Last Sunday evening while going down from the Xperia Mall's Lift infront of 3 Girls I Silently-Farted Long and Deadly Smelly Literally, infront of 3 Girls in the Mall's Lift 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  6. #chetchatters
    Mam, what I want to say is you have taught me the life. While, I had all the ANT (Problem) thoughts in my mind as you could remember that in which video did you say it. You are my motivator as I want to keep you very close to my heart ❤. I broke out my ANT problem to the solution with my best friend. I felt myself being very down. You are the one who lifted me up to the height of sky ✨.

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