How to Master The Art of Time Management | Brian Tracy – YouTube

How to Master The Art of Time Management | Brian Tracy


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Time management is life management – Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy shares 21 tips on how to manage your time more effectively. All successful people are good time managers.

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  1. It’s incredible how much time we will have when we stop watching TV and scrolling our social media. I think people spend many hrs a day on this including myself. It’s so hard to keep yourself away from the phone, from social media, from tv and news

  2. Great Presentation. The question is that, with about 80 to 90% implementation of these principles for a job. However, you are always told If, "you do better next year, you would be considered for a raise" . But this never happens. Except your deliverables smiles at yearly. Amazing and insightful. Thank you

  3. I was listening to this while working. I was wondering why it sounded so much like the book Eat that Frog. Then I couldn’t help it and checked the video and saw it was Brian Tracy. He covers almost word for word of his book in this single video.

  4. I don’t knows what I am going to do. I have a family reunion to go to and I have a family member that continues to be insulting and disrespectful towards me. I been through too much shit in my life to go surround myself around people who choose to treat me poorly basically for no reason too. It’s time to honor and respect myself. It’s my responsibility to place myself in safe and comfortable places. I am not a punching bag for the choices people make for their life’s.

    I also know how to be meek and put all selfish aside, and be there for others.
    It’s like a lose lose situation. If I don’t go it’s going to be a fight, if I don’t go, it’s going to be a fight.

  5. Human Resources Management programs often offer clues about being effective and respectful to Humanism: it can be a platform to inner and outer growth.
    We could just look at Maslow's hierarchy of needs and imagine a big boot crushing it. This is not just about Socialism or authoritarian regimes, but about the widespread fear of being unable to control a smarter commonsense! More freedom would mean that ruling becomes more challenging but lifting the level of the 'ordinary ' would be matched with an upgrade of the extraordinary. The added bonus is that better informed people are against war,  putting blood thirsty vampires under pressure. Recycling and green politics are at their best when Citizens are involved and heard. Recycling can involve from being a duty to being part of socio economic growth as this takes place when psychology and more transparency enter the world of Politics. Interactions between neutral Spirituality and Politics would go a long way towards associating knowledge with feelings. Respectfully Cults and Religions could practice their services under a non discriminating protecting umbrella. The first global exercise consists in stepping off our bikes and watching ourselves pedalling, a fun approach to introspection.

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