How to Pitch your IDEA using a Powerful Sales Technique? – YouTube

How to Pitch your IDEA using a Powerful Sales Technique?


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If you’re an entrepreneur, you need to know how to pitch your business. Even if you’re not planning to pursue funding, having a solid elevator pitch ensures that you know your business inside and out. Which comes in handy if or when you eventually decide to seek out investment. These days with the pandemic everything happens virtually or over emails, and in this video, we shall teach you how to pitch your idea to anyone over emails or ppts using an interesting case study.

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  1. Hi Ganesh, pls help me with some contact details for the communication masterclass. The url that was sent to me for setting the login id and password after signing up for the course is not getting through.

  2. Watched all of ur content till now..and waiting for more content of such kind..ur really doing a great job for the upcoming youth of the sharing deep business lessons which are not thought outside..good luck.. keep rocking ❤️

  3. I am from Bangladesh. How can I make my payment to join in your course? Is there any easy method to make payment from BD? Can you add mobile banking payment system of Bangladesh like bkash and nogod? Bro you can get some good subscribers from here.

  4. Good direction. Pitch to the benefits of each decision manker's perspective. But a glaring error? Euro's? The EU didn't exist then (the EEZ did), the Euro as a currency only existed as a plan/proposal.

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