How was BSNL KILLED (strategically) by the Powerful people of India? : BSNL Tragedy Case Study – YouTube

How was BSNL KILLED (strategically) by the Powerful people of India? : BSNL Tragedy Case Study


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  • Published On: 2022-04-23 20:00:11
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For the past 1.5 years, we have been hearing the news about Govt’s plans to shut down BSNL, and ever since we started following the news, we have always seen BSNL incurring 1000s of crores of losses every single year, infact in the past 10 years, BSNL has incurred a combined loss of more than 80,000cr. and considering the case of Air India and govt bureaucracy in general, we by default assume that BSNL is also one of the ill-run businesses that the govt just can’t handle isn’t it!!

Well, guess what guys, in FY21 while the market went crazy to see Reliance jio generate a profit of Rs 12,537 crore, very few of us know that there was a time when BSNL generated a profit of 10,183cr! and from 2001–2008 Bsnl had generated a cumulative profit of 46668 Cr which was more than the next 3 telecom operators combined and that too in spite of all the subsidized schemes that it rolled out. and not just that it once had a market share of 70% and literally acted as the backbone of Indian telecommunication.

So The question is What exactly went wrong with BSNL that it suddenly went from being a jewel of India to a sick company in less than a decade?

Was it yet another govt mishandling or was it deliberately paralyzed by the private sector?

and most importantly, as citizens of India, what are the lessons that we need to from the Tragic downfall of BSNL?

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  1. I was a customer of BSNL during 2003-04. Many times I had to struggle if the internet goes down, or not getting expected speed. Used to go to the branch and wait, sometimes they will ask me to come next day. It was a horrible experience. Now, go to any SBI branch and see what is the customer service. This is how they themselves kill their organization. Corruption is very high in these govt organizations. Be it BSNL or Air India.

  2. Bsnl is the best in terms of affordability. 397 rupees for 200 days validity with unlimited calls. Airtel and jio are good in looting. Bsnl fibernet is also affordable. Only 2 issue one is the complaint resolution time because of lack of efficient resources. Secondly, Office and employees have to change. They are lazy and at peace because of government job perks.

  3. I have a bsnl internet. I have a internet issue they will resolve in a week. Is that acceptable? As a customer we want service but that is not seeing bsnl. So I switched. It is mistake of govt n emoyees but will not comment on percentage

  4. First don't study and fail in exam then blame govt. for not giving jobs.
    That's the sad reality of India.
    Even many people with degrees have no skills because many of them passed by cheating.

    To people saying BSNL is bad because of govt.

  5. The only accessibility necessary in a pre industrial country should be food and health that's it
    If you want every sevices, taxpayer cant foot the bill for everything if people want everything they need industrialisation not these GOVT. companies.

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