India to become the next economic superpower? How? – YouTube

India to become the next economic superpower? How?


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  • Published On: 2020-12-25 20:41:18
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The recent agri-ordinances, the Atmanirbhar Bharat policy, etc. It is on the strength of these policies that the country is initiating its recovery from the pandemic-led recession. Or is it?

What is the Reality of Atmanirbhar Bharat? Will it help India Become a superpower? What is the role of the government? What can we Indians do to become the next economic superpower?
Let’s discuss this in this video!

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  1. People of our country are too toxic towards criticism. They can't hear any bad points about infrastructure, government, economy, culture, food, they don't think people have different preference or in something we are lacking. They think we are superior than every other country out there in everything but that a negative approach like this we will never grow. People don't contribute toward making India a superpower but dream about it. When this mentality will change and we see our mistake and work toward fixing it then then India will grow.

  2. I don't get HOW Indians can still believe this crap?! Y'all are gonna be so surprised how things turn out within a decade.
    The foremost requirements for being a superpower is economic superiority which, today, comes from technology and innovation. India is a dud in both.
    Those advocating that India is high tech better familiarise themselves with the current world tech scenarios in battery tech, additive manufacturing, BCIs, organic printing etc. These and many more are areas of which India is not even aware of, let alone have a presence.
    Our tech is borrowed, we are not innovative, we don't give any manufactured product to the world. Made in India is NOT a mark of reliability in ANY manufactured product.
    Despite being a nation of 1.4 billion people and having NO sizeable constraints, our level of industrialization is minimal & we are becoming a service oriented economy…that too for internal consumption. Most of our start ups are in fintech & designed for use in India only.
    India can NEVER become a superpower. Not unless the Indian society changes and people start getting empathetic. This is the starting point to innovation & growth. We develop empathy as a society, then, maybe in two or three generations, we can start talking about ruling the world.
    Till then, such stupid talks are only lip service to our cognitive dissonance, which is there aplenty in all Indians, thanks to our overinflated egos.
    What we don't realise is how precarious the situation is becoming. The West is aggressively moving towards automation in ALL areas. Which means heavy reduction in manual tasks, leading to lesser jobs. India can expect a lot of expats returning home within a decade.
    The world's top soil is eroding. Post 2050, India will start losing its single biggest global advantage area of food production as better farming tech grows abroad.
    India will be used by the world as a market only…like it's being used today. People will be paid highly for working in foreign owned companies that have set up shop in India. But despite having a high salary will live hand to mouth because everything will be very expensive.
    The future of India is high unemployment, high crime & govt controlled living. The time has almost run out. If something is not done to make India globally relevant in terms of economics by 2030, this country and its people are doomed.
    But I don't see any attempt by anyone towards this direction.

  3. We wont as long as Center sees states and state mistakes as oppurtunity for them to come in power.
    Instead of guiding them and commanding them strictly of state policies ruining states . Example Andhra Pradesh

    Its letting Ap people to feed by state govt and making us go bank rupt and center. Is having fun ..

    If we dont correct internal mistakes no one can help us and it will expidite the worsening status of states

  4. We wont as long as Center sees states and state mistakes as oppurtunity for them to come in power.
    Instead of guiding them and commanding them strictly of state policies ruining states . Example Andhra Pradesh

    Its letting Ap people to feed by state govt and making us go bank rupt and center. Is having fun ..

    If we dont correct internal mistakes no one can help us and it will expidite the worsening status of states

  5. India like bar light learned to be self-reliant when China developed everything from planes to rockets. Modi Ji learned from China, thank God. Congress is the cancer of the nation. Any political party does not believe to divide the community, keep people poor to rule should be abolished. Secular truly, follow Gandhian principle, India will rule the world.

  6. Super power needs millions of High Tech. work force. Free, compulsory, 4 yr. college education for "All Indian Citizens, without discrimination". 4 yrs. college in "STEM" (Science, Tech. Eng. Math. MIT level & Google lectures) is free for all Indians. Free "Remote learning", in English medium is translated into student's mother tongue, instantly printed, through Google. 5G, inexpensive computers, inexpensive power supply to "hundreds of millions" of students, even in remote Himalayan villages. {Brick and mortar classrooms, with all other facilities, takes time, investment. Quality control is beyond reach}. The return on investment is 40%, over the working life of a student, who pays Federal taxes. Out of the hundreds of thousands graduates yearly, at MIT standards, a small percent of genius PhDs emerge and lead the industries. A lot of talent leaves the country for better prospects. Keep on producing talented work force. Indian labor is inexpensive, educated, in a Democracy with 125 million people speaking English. This becomes an incentive for foreign companies to invest in India.

  7. This didn't aged well. You were really optimistic in this video – but the truth is most of the companies that left china didn't setup in India but preferred countries like – Vietnam, Thailand etc. Thus india missed out lot of opportunity which could change the shape of our economy but nowadays apart from some YouTube channels and educated people – most of the people are not focused on development and doesn't give a damn about economics but are more Or less influenced by hatred towards minority. Ki kam kma lenge but ye log barbaad ho jaye. Youth leaving 5%-10% of them others are going down the path of hatred thus not focusing on learning any skill + violence and hate along with poor infrastructure led to company not considering setup in india. Also the issue of brain drain which at some point of time was a great matter of concern is being neglected today when this issue is very dominant. Most of the highly talented person the top 1 percent of the 1 percent actually leave this country and contribute to economy of foreign nation. India being a superpower was a reality that could have been achieved if our country had the same pace and perception when this was a main issue but for now it's far from reality and if what's happening -the most concerning issue of division and hate propaganda is not stopped this dream would remain a dream .

  8. hello Think School can you explain this: "Why are billions being invested into Indian non-profitable startups by VCs when it is well known that today the cost of acquisition (CAC) is much higher than the lifetime value (LTV) of customers in most B2C businesses?

    They have two hypotheses:

    India is at around $2K per capita GDP, and the bet is that it will be at $4K in a few years from now. $4K is when the magic is supposed to happen, as it did in China. Essentially a bet on rising disposable incomes and increasing purchasing power.

    India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. 10s of billions of $s are waiting to enter India, no way around it. When money eventually comes in, it will be forced to pay top dollar in terms of valuation to the leaders, regardless of the profitability."

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