Jio Mart can KILL Dmart? : The most EPIC Retail War of India (Business Case study) – YouTube

Jio Mart can KILL Dmart? : The most EPIC Retail War of India (Business Case study)


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  • Published On: 2021-11-16 19:30:12
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Invest in the Great Indian Middle Class:

Video Introduction:
If you have seen the case study we did on Dmart you know all about the Discounting technique that Dmart uses to lower the prices of the goods it sells. This is a huge hit for the local vendors and grocery stores in your locality. Startups like Bigbasket also have been doing the same in their own way but this is where Reliance Jio Mart is now acting as a saviour for these local stores, in this video we show you how. Watch it till the end to understand the challenges Relaince will face.

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  1. Jio Mart has got the data by jio merchant app and by giving them other devices they collected the data such as what are the local needs and they opened their smart point everywhere which has directly kicked the ass of retailers and the rate at which they supply to the merchant that is the selling price in the smart point which directly diverts customers

  2. Sare jghe bs jio mart ka hi naam hoga ek toh dukan apne naam s chle ek jio mart ka naam bda or apna naam chota jo owner h y kute ki beej companies log hi chutiye jo apne relation destroy kr rhe h ihnki wje s kisi ko nhi lena chaiye saman ihnse

  3. Jiomart is already failing both on consumer and on Kiran side as the product quality is pathetic when it reaches consumers door and on the other hand dmart is the product quality is great and also bigbasket udaan are not profitable they are incurring losses so I don't think jiomart has any future

  4. Nice presentation, but you appear to be a reliance fan boy… You meant to say a reliance venture is going to help small local businesses ?
    I ve seen the exact opposite mostly brother 😀

  5. Jiomart is the worst. Had a sodexo card so placed a home delivery on jiomart. Out of 10 products, 6 were either spoilt (fruits/veggies) or close to expiry date (other Fmcg). We all know coz of this bloody Ambani's RelianceJio, all other phone companies died therefore kinda giving him a kinda monopoly (thanks to brands like airtel they survived). Jio now increased prices and compulsory minimum recharge for incoming calls which other surviving telecom companies followed too!!

  6. Dude I really would like to have a video showing you behind the scenes of publishing and making such high quality videos. The research and planning is really worth a video or two. Thanks for doing such videos.

  7. By the clauses put up by jio for kirana stores, it's more or less likely that the hypermarts within each city will tie up with them, and since they alone are sufficient for majority of the supply, the small/micro kirana stores will become obsolete. Just like the way reliance trends did in the clothing sector.

  8. I think that …… This is probably the last generation who runs a Kirana store. Just think if u r 18 and doing it graduation will u open a Kirana store neither ur parents will want u to open one.
    And secondly when jio mart will enter into the tier 3 cities , the companies distribution system will get effected. Are jiske pass Hindustan Unilever ya nestle ki agency h usse toh Kirana wale Saman hi nhi lenge ,wo toh jio mart SE lenge

  9. I believe the end game for jio Mart is to convert every retail kirana store to mini rr distributors. This will help jiomart to reach every corner of India, but then will lead to a decrease in margins for retailers!

    The plus point here is, the existing players like dmart & bigbaskets eventually were going to capture major markets in a few decades, so the retailers would eventually go out of business.
    So I would think of jiomart as a win-win for both reliance & retailers in long term!

    Reliance will reach every corner, while
    Retailers will be still relevant & in business!

  10. Hi Akash,
    Please make a video on case study of Dunzo. Reliance has invested more then 1000 crs in Dunzo with equity of 25% and Reliance has started jio Mart as well what is reliance trying to achieve

  11. Jio Marts UI is pathetic…Their Ajio And Reliance Digital UI is top class but I don't know what they are doing with Jio Marts UI..

    In terms of price, Jio Mart matches Dmart but still their is lot of work to be done with delivery dates and availability..

    Between Reliance and Dmart, we have Flipkart, Amazon Grocery, Big Basket, Grofers, Zepto, Country Delight…

  12. But bro reliance are more powerful right now Dmart always create Monopoly in customer it's worst product but reliance give more discount and 10% cashback always about 200 shopping it's good reliance give good and best product in cheap rate … For customer perfance always shop jio mart and his nearly store

  13. Hi.. I really like your videos. The DMart and JioMart vidoes are truly insightful.
    Can you share a few more references to help me understand these even better. I generally follow the companies annual statements – this holds well for public companies, but for private companies, it doesn't. So, any references or websites, that give such statistics cheap if not free?

  14. to be honest, jio mart is making kirana stores freely as their stores very close to homes, not officially but soon all these kirana stores will become franchises Kind of, where the owner of the store is responsible for shops initial investment and jio don't have to spend on the infrastructure (Which is costly and could drain cash flow). Eventually all these store owners are going to be become their employees.

    its like reliance smartly making them their employees in next 10 years in their own shops with profits == salary they would get if they work at d-mart or big-basket. so reliance wants to use their money power in aggressive price markings, but it would be stupid to spend money on infrastructure like shops and local delivery vehicles where all these could be just thrown at kirana owners, thus all the money they save on shops/infrastructure/vehicles etc would be used to aggressively make it hard for dmart and big-basket.

    they just want to try a model but don't want to risk a lot of money, so using their retail chain + kiranas as their future employees taking risk in their venture + making software which is easy for a company like reliance and investing in software is relatively known game for them as they know how to scale and create software.

    At the end, India will become like USA in 15 years, where only walmart, krroger, wegmens, costco rule and everyone else just become employees.

    India should develop but not exactly like uSA where reliance and other big sharks get even bigger. we need to learn that money will concentrate at few places making future more difficult for new companies. Bad part is, India should neither just be like a communist country nor a captliist country. Politicians and policy makers seems OK with USA capitalist style and letting this happen.

    big companies can bring easy apps and tech use etc and make things easy and convenient, but the only problem is that ambanis and few others get too rich to will not let any new business to grow. they will either buy or cut them out of competition and that's not good for a country like India with many young entrepreneurs to come.

    Finally seems will be land in an ecosystem of birth-to-death by reliance, like a meta universe where you will become a consumer of their ecosystem from day you are born to your death.. like a bacteria living in an experiment of controlled environment.

    politicians are super busy with drama and nonsense and I don't think they would even understand any of these things. They just do bhajan of their leaders decision which will only make rich even richer.

  15. Not Good but great case study
    totally information and the isue are capture particularly And all information are at the really ground level and that is 100% right
    Although many business will have that dead end .

  16. there's a 5th obstacle too – as they say "desh ko fikr chunautiyo se kam, ch*tiyon se zyada hai", there will be certain political parties aided by liberandus and backed by foreign elements, who'd probably convince idiots on the street, "Ambani gareeb k pet pe laath maar raha hai, aur ismein Modi ka fayeda hai" and a ruckus will start. Refer Farmer Bill. The ch*tiyas didn't even realise the conspiracy when people like Rihana and Mia Khalifa or Greta Thunburg protested, when liquor and biryani was flowing among protestors, when there were anti-India and anti-Hindu slogans echoed from there, when the Indian flag was taken down, when terrorists were hailed as martyrs and when a man was brutally lynched for unverified and queer accusations – protest against a constitutional act, huh?

  17. No jio always supply old very old stock where as dmart always has a fresh stock and with more discount only think it lacks is hime delivery but going there physically is good for our body its a good exercise.

  18. This guy mukesh ambani has rooted himself every where he could with his amass of wealth gained over the decades .so expect yes on the other hand D mart had come out from no where he had been been here for over 19 years Yes but in another 8 to 12 years time from now or 6 years from now another new entity would enter the market i would love ambani strategic ideology ones the market become huge hit he comes and capitalize the industry its like routing the landmark first and later conquering the subways 😂

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