Lee Taeyong and his incredible negotiation skills – YouTube

Lee Taeyong and his incredible negotiation skills


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  • Published On: 2021-07-01 18:09:39
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  1. when i first came into the fandom, i thought taeyong was a bit scary and intimidating. The truth behind that was because, in the first few seasons of NCT Life, the editors edited him to seem like that (and i honestly didnt like it because it was like they were trying to force that made up personality on him, but he's actually so kind and humble irl). After awhile, I got to learn his true personality, and i'm glad i stuck around to know more about him.

  2. If Taeyong walked into the new Cinderella movie wearing a Tiara, the movie would be maybe five minutes long. I’m sorry charming young lady with the glass slippers, Prince Charming would snatch him up faster than this season’s Balenciaga at a Barney’s sale.

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