Life-Changing Conversation With The Legendary Monk – Gauranga Das | The Ranveer Show 127 – YouTube

Life-Changing Conversation With The Legendary Monk - Gauranga Das | The Ranveer Show 127


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  • Published On: 2021-07-23 21:00:41
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Today on the show, we have one of the most special conversations I have ever experienced. This beautiful conversation answered some of my deepest personal questions. Gauranga Das is a spiritual guru & monk, leader, and firm believer of Lord Krishna. It was truly surreal to experience a conversation with a man full of peace, happiness, and immense amounts of knowledge. Too much to learn. 🙏🏻

Ever wondered about the concept of soulmates, the Law Of Attraction, the occult, all of that and more, in this beautiful episode. Gauranga Das Prabhu is a man who studies the ancient scriptures of Indian history deeply and draws parallels to better people’s lives in the Modern Day.

In this episode, we spoke about some extremely deep concepts like Death, stories of War like the Mahabharata & Ramanyana, the concept of Maya – Virtual Stimulations & also about one of my inspirations, and Gauranga Das’ sincere student – Jay Shetty.

Episode with Jay Shetty –

Part 2 of this conversation is soon to be released. Enjoy yourselves. This episode will heal you.
Gauranga Das on The Ranveer Show.

#spirituality #monk

0:00 – Introduction
3:10 – The start of the journey
4:29 – The concept of death
5:07 – Spirituality 101
6:01 – His spiritual journey
8:00 – Learnings from “Geeta”
11:38 – Going through Spiritual Times
14:52 – The Monk lifestyle
17:55 – The 8 desires in everyone’s life
19:20 – The significance of TREES
21:15 – The concept of “Maya”
28:10 – Destiny & Karma
30:31 – Ranveer’s exp. with arrogance
33:30 – The spirit of Arjuna
37:41 – How to transform our mindset?
40:06 – The practice of meditation
42:19 – The other side of spirituality – Ghosts
46:40 – Manifesting your dreams
51:39 – Change in Ranveer’s mindset
52:40 – Concept of love & soulmates
1:00:30 – Sita Ma’s message in Ramayana
1:03:59 – Jay Shetty’s wisdom & strengths
1:11:58 – The karmic concept
1:13:05 – End of the podcast

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  1. another great podcast Ranveer…@49.00 – I also have the same confusion..should we have definite goals/ambitions in life or develop the ability to take the things the way they come and just enjoy the journey of life? I saw that Swamiji explained the scenario about serving others perspective, but my question is more on personal goals. If anybody has clarity further on this, I would appreciate!

  2. If our hindu scriptures are guide to way of living then why people who read/master it becomes monk. They should be out there in real world sharing their knowledge and implementing and presenting their knowledge by being example to us human beings.

  3. Watching this feels like My heart has been spoken .. all questions that I would ask were asked
    I have experienced strange supernatural things since childhood and luckily now i can feed my curiosity ,Am glad people are talking about things like astral projection
    Keep up the good work
    People deserve to be awaken 🧘🏻‍♂️

  4. First principle of being spiritual and on the journey of ascension is that there are no obstacles. They are only blessings from god to help one become stronger as one learns how to overcome such situations which the human mind terms obstacles.
    Principle no. 2 is that when on the spiritual path and especially after reading Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, one should definitely not attach oneself to outcomes or expectations of outcomes.
    Stay blessed 🙌

  5. It was a life changing experience for me… How we know everything but understand 0 percent. I fell like I reborn today.. Or just a seed getting favourable condition to germinate.. Gratitude to both of you😇😍
    Binge watching your channel since I discovered it 4-5 days back. Thanks so much for making my life meaningful.

  6. depth of podcast of ranveer shows his upbringing,being with educational background but inclination to adhyatma shows his "sanskar"of subconscious mind.and last gaurang das prabhu is another level soul going toward to god different from common souls with having true "tyag"

  7. Hi! Ranveer . have been watching your podcast since long ,but my friend, this was the real gem "like Amruta of Amrut Manthan". thank you for doing this podcast. you're indeed blessing for viewers who genuinely interested spirituality to the core. thanks again. May Narayan Bless You.

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