Management Consulting – Life (Pros & Cons) | Sid Sharma – Ex-Mckinsey | IIM Bangalore | IIT Kanpur – YouTube

Management Consulting - Life (Pros & Cons) | Sid Sharma - Ex-Mckinsey | IIM Bangalore | IIT Kanpur


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Management Consulting Life explained in this video, where we are chatting with Sid Sharma who is ex-Mckinsey, and an IIM Bangalore & IIT Kanpur Grad.
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In this video – “Management Consulting – Life (Pros & Cons) | Sid Sharma – Ex-Mckinsey | IIM Bangalore | IIT Kanpur” – Sid busts myths of the consulting life, and gives a balanced view of consulting in general – life, skills, how glamorous is it, travel, what are the management consulting exit opportunities, and so much more.

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  1. Thank you so much…
    I have a consulting offer in hand and this video was definitely worth the while…
    Even though I need a fancy life and consulting comes with its own pros but not gonna chase it at the cost of my life-work balance.
    Time to think again regarding my career path.
    Please let me know if you can help or counsel in any way regarding my career.
    Would be of great help if I could connect with you.
    Thank you
    Loads of Support

  2. My grades are low but I worked for a boutique investment banking firm as a business analyst for 3 years. My firm is specialised in Real-estate project funding and I have closed around 20 deals during my tenure. I’m currently working with State Government at Revenue Department. Is my profile suitable for management consulting?

  3. Hello Ma'am, thanks for the video
    I had a question. The traveling that you are talking about, I think it differs between Indian and foreign jobs. Do Indian consultants also need to travel as much as a consultant in say US ?

  4. I'm a Science student but idk why I m not doing engineering and really don't know preparing for du jat sscbs and bba(FIA) a good headstart to consulting and IB? IM NOT sure if I want to go to IB or consulting

  5. Is technical consultancy a good option to consider for a btech fresher? Or should we consider Software Engineer roles? I have received offers for both profiles, but I'm really confused which one to choose. Please share your views.

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  7. Hi Mam,

    Amazing work…this gives us very good and true perspective of the inside world of consulting. I have seen people with really out of the box academia, I was wondering if that is bare minimum for getting into such organizations?

  8. Consulting was buzz word from the day MBA started . The whole Hype of this degree was created by MBB when they started hiring freshers MBA grads in USA . We have to keep in Mind out of 20 top Alumnus of stanford only 3 are from their B school where as 11 are from Comp science and 4 from their Economics department . Consulting is an artificial hype

  9. Hii mam i am in 12 th standard i like to solve the problems like case studies i am from commerce background and i think i am a good strategy maker.. and i have good decision making power and i am also a introvert type person you may be know introvert are generally a good strategy maker…
    I wanna do mba in consultancy and get a job in mbb is all my abilities help me to get job in Mbb?

  10. Di in consulting I have much salary per month with lot of perks and benefits and all traveling and hostel charge given by company and best friends in company and free after 7 pm and free to go any where with friends 😎
    Please tell me it's just myth or real because now I want to choose my mba subject please reply

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