Master your Mindset, Overcome Self-Deception, Change your Life | Shadé Zahrai | TEDxDRC – YouTube

Master your Mindset, Overcome Self-Deception, Change your Life  | Shadé Zahrai | TEDxDRC


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What differentiates those who are the happiest, most successful and most fulfilled, from those who aren’t? Having spent countless hours with hundreds of teams from startups to Fortune 500s globally, Shadé Zahrai has observed clear behavioural and cognitive patterns that distinguish these two groups of people – and the ‘culprit’ is closer to you than you think. This talk is a powerful call to action to overcome the self-deception that holds you back, to reclaim ownership of who you are and to commit to changing your habits to ultimately change the quality of your career & your life. Shadé Zahrai is an award-winning leadership strategist and global peak performance consultant to Fortune 500s. A former commercial lawyer that transitioned to a successful career in banking and strategy consulting, now with her husband she runs Influenceo Global Inc., a leadership development, consulting & research firm that works with some of the world’s largest organizations. Widely respected for her though leadership and actionable bite-sized personal and professional development content on social media, Shadé has amassed a global community of over 2.1 million followers across platforms and her content has been viewed over 50 Million times. Her and her husband Faysal are passionate about empowering individuals to overcome their self-limits and confidently create a life worth living. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


  1. Inner Deceivers
    2:40 ~The classic judge~
    Judges you and blames you for things outside your control, prevents you to learn from failure
    3:33 ~ The victimizer~
    Fills mind with excuses and decreases willpower
    4:10 ~The misguided protector~
    Tries to protect you from failures by keeping you paralized
    4:59 ~The ringmaster~
    Creates a trade mill of achivement addiction, which never brings satisfaction, creates productivity guilt on your mind
    1.choose not to listen.
    2.take responsibility of things within your control.
    3. Donot hear to misguided protector.
    4.remind yourself of your qualities,the value you add to the life of others.

  2. Great job .nw i realised hw strong I am .even being constantly under a critical judging father misguided protector mother..a ringmaster brother and a people pleasing elder sister ..they exists in reality fr my head is just me .a powerful righteous warrior princess a born leader

  3. I love it! So glad that I had a chance to watch someone explain me to me. The video almost put me in the mindset of a sermon but from a different perspective. This was great. I love how she took the time to show how we could be limiting ourselves. Then gave us tools that could help us see ourselves as limitless. Exceptional!

  4. so everything i am going through is depended on my parents. but i still blame myself because I always believe that everything good or bad happened was only because of me. i could have done better

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