Mind-bending Secrets Of The Universe Explained Simply ft. Abhijit Chavda | The Ranveer Show 111 – YouTube

Mind-bending Secrets Of The Universe Explained Simply ft. Abhijit Chavda | The Ranveer Show 111


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Abhijit Chavda is a Theoretical Physicist, Technologist, History & Geopolitics researcher, and writer. Other than these, he is also a Public Speaker, a Youtuber, and widely influential on Twitter for his tweets. He has also been a panelist on NewsX, Republic Tv & Times Now. He is so knowledgeable that the world can also call him a polymath for his wide knowledge.

We have had a couple podcast guests who spoke about Time Travel, Astral Travel, Aliens & the Future in general. Let’s hear it from a physicist about these concepts. The science behind quantum physics, warm holes, black holes, and most importantly, can we ever leave this galaxy and go to other galaxies?

This podcast will blow your mind off the possibilities that space and the universe hold.

#astrophysics #timetravel

0:00- Introduction
1:38- What does a physicist do?
3:19- Kinds of invisible matter
4:58- Dark matter & dark energy
6:17- What are top physicists researching?
7:45- Abhijit’s love for science fiction
8:25- Impact of dark substance on humans
11:03- Ranveer & Abhijit on worm holes
13:43- Other possible ways to travel around the galaxy
15:13- What are other universes?
16:05- Colonising Mars in 20 years
17:30- What are matters & anti-matters
19:41- Why are engineers essential for space technology
21:00- How a spacecraft was sent beyond pluto in 1970s
21:55- How science figured Gas giant planets are dangerous
24:05- What are Quantum mechanics
26:34- Ranveer on Xmen movie’s quantum mechanics
27:33- Quantum field theory
27:33- Machinery that can measure quantum field theory
31:00- Difference between science & philosophy
32:24- Ranveer on Elon Musk’s Nueralink
33:30- Technology that can make your brain a superpower
36:03- Other domain of studies in Astrophysics
38:28- Ranveer on Astral travel & other timely beings
39:21- Abhijeet on Quantum physics theories
42:33- Theories on Heisenburg & Rabindranath Tagore meeting
44:29- Ranveer on interesting conversations

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  1. Hey hey, mind blowing episode. This made me subscribe to your channel. Loved it.

    Would love an episode that covers 'Zero Point Energy ' .With Abhijit sir or any other expert. It's a facinating concept which I feel comes fairly close to science explaining spirituality.
    It'd be interesting to get an expert's insight on it.

  2. Imagine Indian education system where we have teachers/professors like Abhijeet Chavda sir who come to the lecture without book or notes and starts teaching ,someone who is open book and one can ask them any doubts which were suppressed in one's childhood (like doubts related to deep in astronomy & many more which are out of book) (I am 90's kid who were not enough fortunate to have google for solving doubts, we had to rely on books more often than teachers)

  3. What does it mean when he says when matter and anti matter come in contact it anhialiate each other and create energy ? What is pure energy ? Is it bound by time as in after the release of the energy what happens to the matter ?

  4. Ranveer, I am so grateful that I stumbled upon your channel and I appreciate what you’re doing and what kind of knowledge and information you’re making accessible to all of us. Thank you for doing what you do. This episode was fascinating and stimulating at the same time and Mr. Abhijit Chavda sir is truly a learned man. I am so glad that he is open to spiritual concepts and sees a parallelism between science and spirituality. Please bring him on the podcast again with all the others that you mentioned it would be a groundbreaking episode to witness. @BeerBiceps

  5. 19:01 What I understand is that an Atom bomb works on conversion of matter into energy. Anyone in high school should have a good idea that in this process just a small fraction of matter converts into energy (because that is in the syllabus.. it was for me at least.. I don't remember exactly how much or what % but it is stated as part of chemical reation). …… NOW if anti matter and matter come in contact 100% of matter dissolves/converts into energy…. so it would be THAT MUCH BIGGER…. say if just 00.1% of matter converts in atomic explosion chemical process then an antimatter-matter bomb/explosion would be 1000 times bigger than same mass/weight equivalent of atomic bomb…

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