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Motivation in Business | How to stay motivated in business | Rajiv Talreja


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This is not a motivational video.
But this is a video about motivation.
Yes, there’s a difference.
I’m not going to preach to you about how to be motivated all the time. As a business owner, I realise that you cannot be motivated all the time.
I am going to discuss the universal ways of dealing with energy.
No matter what stage of life you are at, dealing with your energy in the right way then your emotions are also taken care of.
If you don’t manage your energy and emotions well then they get suppressed and suppressing emotions is never a good thing for anyone.
So whether you are a business owner, or not, managing your motivation will always be helpful not just for yourself but also as an example to your team.
So, watch this video to learn about the foundational principles of managing your energy:
In this video you will learn-
0:00- Introduction to the 5 Principles of Energy Management
2:13- 1. The Principle of Regulation
4:20- 2. The Principle of Focus
6:33- 3. The Principle of Environment
7:57- 4. The Principle of Divine Will
9:50- 5. The Principle of Acceptance

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