Must Watch For All 20-45 YOs | Money Mistakes You Make ft. Sandeep Jethwani | The Ranveer Show 197 – YouTube

Must Watch For All 20-45 YOs | Money Mistakes You Make ft. Sandeep Jethwani | The Ranveer Show 197


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  • Published On: 2022-04-29 21:00:01
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In today’s very special episode, we have with us Mr. Sandeep Jethwani in the TRS Studio. There’s something incredible about Sindhi businessmen when it comes to financial education and money. Some of the best lessons I’ve ever about money have been from this man himself, Sandeep Jethwani. He is the co-founder of Dezerv and one of the fin-tech leaders in India. He is also an alumnus of IIM Bangalore.

In this episode, you’ll be witnessing a complete financial guide for your long investments. From investing 5 thousand Rupees to investing 5 lakh Rupees. This episode will cover it all. A major section of this podcast also includes how Bollywood stars and influencers are not able to handle the amount of money they earn and end up losing most of it, along with how the rich become richer by just investing in the right assets.

From ₹5000 To ₹500000 – Secrets To Your Long-Term Investment Portfolio With Sandeep Jethwani

0:00 – Introduction
4:07 – Key finance tips
6:25 – Elongated life spans
10:00 – Phases of saving
17:29 – Private equity market
20:07 – Managing money
32:00 – Financial advice
40:32 – How do the richest manage money?
45:17 – Last thoughts
48:00 – End of the podcast

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  1. Any normal middle class to upper middle class salary dude is better off investing in ETF n index funds disciplined n u will b a millionaire . The route to being a millionaire is simple and boring. No need of individual stocks ,seed ,IPO blah blah and never hire a portfolio manager / financial planner .They cost u money n spoil ur returns

  2. Few requests ranveer bhai and manish bhai , please try to get these people or discuss these topics –
    1. Guest: Chetan bhagat
    2. Topic: 16-17 yr olds who are not smoking drinking n all but are feeling little distracted or lack of discipline… basically maybe a psychological dimension for younger teenagers
    3. Education, competitive exams

  3. Most of the indians made wealth due to their communities culture which is mostly fixed without coming up with an idea or innovation , Now there is a new trend going on of becoming rich by doing some sort of business ….ignoring the potential of AI which will revolutionize everything that we are doing now … Forget about making wealth and focus on environment, animals, and humans.
    10 years down the line this kind of suggestions will be of no use.

  4. Hey Ranveer, this was a very interesting and informative session. Would love to watch a session on instructional design and how it could be applied in the real world and not just in the educational sector.

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