My $2.4m London Apartment Tour – YouTube

My $2.4m London Apartment Tour


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  • Published On: 2022-05-04 20:05:05
  • Video Published/Author: Ali Abdaal
  • Video Duration: 00:31:20
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Hey friends, in this video I give you a complete tour of my $2.4M London apartment. I also chat about the finances: is it worth paying so much for accommodation, and why I can afford to rent this place but definitely not buy it. Hope you enjoy! ❤️

00:00 Intro
00:32 Kitchen
05:44 Entrance Hall
06:30 Living Room
11:23 Bathroom
15:21 Bedroom
19:50 Financials

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  1. I’m not sure about this argument. If the place goes up in value even a couple of per cent per year, owning smashes renting.

    The best argument is surely if you aren’t sure you want to live there you should rent. Or if you can’t afford it, of course.

  2. Dear Ali,
    Please do a video on how to start learning coding, what are the essential skills and materials needed to start learning it and how can we earn money from it…?… Plsss… 🙏😁

  3. I saw your Tweet today as Jordan Nelson mentioned me as a suggested guest. I would love to pitch you in 3 minutes why I feel I'm a fit. I InMailed you my phone number and I'd be happy to answer any question concisely on the spot. I won't bore you with vanity metrics or how I'm going to level you up because clearly you've built something incredible and don't need me to level you up, it's quite the opposite and my goal is to serve the audience not you or me. I hope that all makes sense and we can make that happen.

    Long story short I educate individuals on the opportunity of Salesforce careers and how to break into entry-level roles. I retired at 31 because of the success of my own Salesforce career and have now helped over 20k individuals start their careers and look forward to helping many many more! Thank you for your consideration.

  4. Sir this is your unknown viewer from very beginning and also far from you I always used to watch your videos and I inspired by your productivity routines and I followed your advise enthusiastically but suddenly I went into a very dark age of my life which is depression and now I am not able to do anything except overthinking if you are reading my comment so I beg you to please do any videos for us to overcome from these issues or give some advise I will be grateful to you

  5. Nice apartment tour, and a decent points regarding fallacy of rent money being 'dead money' – but missing critical points re: property value appreciation (apartments in central london have historically yielded gains, particularly in popular areas), stamp duty , capital gains tax in his calculation (eg. 1 year time horizon) , that need to be considered for an outlay of that size for an objective comparison . Respectfully, i have to suggest to take Ali's advice with a pinch of salt – for those in London in the financial position to buy a 1M+ apartment, it'd be better to get a financial advisor to map out your needs, options and the optimal choice for your situation.

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