Neuromarketing and the Future of A.I. Driven Behavior Design | Prince Ghuman | TEDxHultLondon – YouTube

Neuromarketing and the Future of A.I. Driven Behavior Design | Prince Ghuman | TEDxHultLondon


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Neuromarketing sits at the center of this TEDx Talk. What is neuromarketing? It is a field which combines neuroscience and marketing. Ultimately, neuromarketing is a study of the brain on brands. For brands, neuromarketing provides a psychological lens to not only understand consumer behavior but to design behavior as well. For us consumers, it provides a view into our inner psychology as seen through our purchase patterns.

Prince Ghuman is a neuromarketer and this Ted talk draws from his experience as a behavior designer. Specifically, the Ted Talk reveals the fascinating connection between data, A.I. and neuroscience. It covers the creative ways in which psychology is combined with A.I. to predict, model and design our behavior.
Prince Ghuman started his first company while attending UC San Diego. He went on to be involved with a variety of high achieving companies focused on e-commerce and digital marketing. He was named as one of the Shakers and Movers by the San Francisco Chronicle and is currently a Professor at Hult International Business School in San Francisco. He has contributed to Forbes,,, and The Washington Post for his application of neuroscience to startups. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


  1. Did he just sold us the idea of paying for all apps and all content
    versus free apps that extract value from us

    paying for apps that tell us they won't collect our data will give us "peace of mind " thus making us more relaxed and more willing to disclose more about ourselves while online any given time any given platform
    meanwhile said apps will still running in the background tracking our every move and sound and continue to sell it to the marketing conglomerates of the world
    and in the end we will pay triple

    he said it himself there's no "free lunch"
    why would you think that the information he just disclosed was free ?
    (maybe the attendees to the live TED talk had to pay I don't know)
    Yes he did gave us insights and trade secrets but trying to make us buy into the idea of demanding for apps that charge us up front instead of by extracting our personal data in retun

  2. That's great content! The trade about personal data for free apps ou minutes off fun was already clear to me. The turning point of this speech is the possibility of face recognition and the creation of digital persons (supermodels or not) keeping a very similar facing of the user. No doubt that will boost everything convincing people to buy by similarity and trust. A deep and amazing jump to create unique sales pieces. Wow!!! Thanks for sharing!

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