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Qsuites - The World's BEST Business Class


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  • Published On: 2022-05-15 08:30:06
  • Video Published/Author: Ricky Zhang
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We flew Qatar Airways Qsuites en route to the Maldives, trying out one of the world’s best business class products.

This would be my first time trying out the “Double Bed in the Sky” in the middle seats, which added an element of shared indulgence to the flight.

Between the hard and soft products, Qatar Airways continued to deliver an amazing experience… although there were one or two odd things about the flight that also stood out.

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  1. I flied Qatar Q-Suite to the US in May 2021. It was amazing! Last month, I tried Emirates' business class to the US. It was so disappointing with 2-3-2 seat configuration on B777 and so so food. Big NO NO to the UAE airlines.

  2. I flew this route in Feb. The Q-Suites are the best business class hard product. The food on the flight was so so, the return flight had lobster thermidor. My favourite was the lemon mint drink.
    The cabin crew was excellent.
    I think Qatar business class is justifiably the best in the world right now.

  3. As Avios can now be transferred between the BA and QR programs, which program did you redeem Avios using? Did you redeem Avios using BA Executive Club? or did you transfer the Avios to Qatar Airways' own program first and redeem from there?

  4. I really love this channel and think its your best work. Prince of Travel is most excellent but I love the cinematography and the story telling of this channel. Feels like I'm traveling right alongside you. Keep up the spectacular work, Ricky!!

  5. I flew the same route, except I yeeted off to Dubai after and my business class flight from Doha to Dubai was labeled as First. Got to also enjoy the just completely over the top first class lounge in Doha but Qsuites was probably the single most incredible journey I've ever experienced. The food and service were top tier. What I would like to see more of down the road is more airlines introducing sliding doors for the seats. It's such a simple concept that adds a big layer of privacy

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