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Seth Godin – Leadership vs. Management - What it means to make a difference


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The world-renowned marketing and leadership author Seth Godin talks about the difference between leadership and management, the confusion surrounding them, and why the world needs more leaders.

Key Points:
• Management works well in terms of increasing economic efficiency and productivity. But, in the face of rapid change, the world needs leadership to get through this stage of unprecedented transformation.
• You should strive for excellence. Producing something truly great is the only way to build competitive advantage because sophisticated robots, artificial intelligence, and low-paid labor will handle the trivial job of assuring quality.
• You should focus on “soft skills” which are actually “real skills”. Those are the characteristics that differentiate a potential employee from a robot.
• Effective leadership can help companies navigate difficulties and failures, and eventually find successful processes to get forward.

Questions to consider:
• How can you become more of a leader than a manager?
• How can you and your organization strive for excellence instead of just quality?
• Are you focusing on real skills?
• How can you make better processes in order to fail more efficiently?

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  1. School was created for learning but it can also be used for other things if allowed by the educators, its not that school hasn't been doing good but it need to get to a place where it know why its there

  2. Seth is so extraordinarly phony. He teaches audiences like this one for decades how to lead people to nowhere. Do not lead people somewhere where you would not want to go alone! It is a Lenin's style of leadership.

  3. this guy was making sense till he started nonsense about writers block and leaders block.
    he is reading from a script, because he has obviously never been a writer or a leader. i know because i am both.

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