Shahid Kapoor – Dark Horse Of Bollywood | The Ranveer Show 194 – YouTube

Shahid Kapoor - Dark Horse Of Bollywood | The Ranveer Show 194


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  • Published On: 2022-04-19 21:00:13
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(Releasing on 22nd Apr’22)

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Today on the show, we have with us the spectacular Bollywood personality – Shahid Kapoor. Before the start of this podcast, I spoke to people close to me and asked what they think of Shahid Kapoor, as a brand. The majority of them told me that he had an insane “dark horse energy” in him, which reflects in all his work. This episode is a deep dive into his mind, how he looks at life in the 40s, his views on lifestyle, and more.

He spoke about his journey over the last 20 years in Bollywood, how he has grown up from being a boy next door to a married man, also a responsible father of two. He also mentions his interest in spirituality, good habits, and what the future of cinema looks like. His upcoming film “Jersey” will be released at the theatres on the 22nd of April’22.

Watch out for this insightful episode of The Ranveer Show with the dark horse of Bollywood himself, Shahid Kapoor.

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0:00- Introduction
2:10 – Promotion of a film
2:54 – Darkhorse energy
5:25 – Self-motivation
6:42 – Youth & motivation
8:32 – On ‘fatherhood’
10:46 – On ‘growing up’
12:34 – Pleasure, happiness & joy
12:52 – On ‘marriage’
16:23 – His vegetarian diet
18:28 – On mental health & yoga
21:55 – On fame & its outcome
23:56 – His learnings
26:03 – On their childhood
28:40 – Advice for a younger self
30:03 – Last thoughts
31:08 – End of the podcast

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  1. Love you Ranveer…more power and abundant blessings to you.. You yourself are an inspiration to everyone.. you are already prepared for something very big in life. The way you conduct the podcasts is amazing, the content is amazing.. you are up to achieve something very big in life.

  2. I could sense that Shahid was keeping a lot of things to himself.. it gave a vibe like he was giving answers just as he would give to any other cliched interview.. But you did Good Ranveer, you tried well to make him speak !! 😊

  3. I am not a podcast person, but I listened to this one till the end and I thoroughly loved it!!! Shahid has always been my favourite and now the host of this show is my favourite too! I admire the quality of questions you asked and I feel you share the same energy which Shahid shared on sets.
    PS: I have never commented on a youtube video, yours is the first one. Hope you read this 🙂

  4. Hi ranveer ….respect u for all the informative podcast featuring on ur channel…but pls dont invite these gutterwood celebrities on your show as they just don't even deserve to sit near u..

  5. Ranveer one humble request from a nobody like me. It is that you sometimes try to over power the guest with some slight talking over their lines. Meaning you speak what you feel is in their minds, which is wrong. People have a complete opposite thought process. Some hide it and some like Shahid put it out there where they simply don't want to expose themselves. It's a tiny flaw bit otherwise you are a great podcasting kid. But really stick to the no comedy aspect because comedy takes away the essence and the learning for which we all visit your channel. Being a 42 year old cancer patient I feel you are way mature and intelligent than many.

  6. Actors and actresses see this as a platform for movie promotion, besides for some reason the HOST for some reason behaves as if he is some entity from other planet having R&D in brain mapping etc.. Unnecessary OVER ACTING !!

  7. Whenever I feel low and frustrated, I just use to open your channel and then the things become so clear and calm .. ending this podcast with tear in my eyes , I don't no why but it is good ….thank you 🙏

  8. Great learnings brother, you made me to realise things are not just same as we see them actually it's a way different from them when we see these actors in movies we say this is a life we really don't care their other side sahid is really a matured person thanks for interacting us with him really learned many things hope to see him soon.❤️

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