Sikhism From A 2022 Perspective, Spirituality & Guru Nanak’s Gift @Nanak Naam| The Ranveer Show 184 – YouTube

Sikhism From A 2022 Perspective, Spirituality & Guru Nanak’s Gift @Nanak Naam| The Ranveer Show 184


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  • Published On: 2022-03-11 21:00:09
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Today on the show, we have with us Satpal Singh from Nanak Naam, who is a spiritual coach and an expert on Sikhism. He has been delivered lectures and meditations classes for over ten years.

In this conversation, we went into the depth of Sikhism, Spirituality, Meditation, and more. Satpal Singh explained the idea of ego, inner peace, and happiness. He also put the light on the concept of death & rebirth, the warrior aspect of Sikhism, and 5 important elements of Sikhism. On this podcast, Satpal Singh shared powerful thoughts of Sikh Gurus, their thoughts on life, and meditation.

We discussed the concept of death & rebirth, the warrior aspect of Sikhism, and more. Enjoy the podcast 🙂

0:00 Introduction
2:25 Spirituality
4:31 Sikhism
7:47 Spiritual aspect of Sikhism
11:57 Where is god?
16:40 Mantra of a balanced life
21:46 Idea of ego
25:07 Real happiness
31:55 Death & Rebirth
39:51 Warrior aspect of Sikhism
46:47 Elements of Sikhism
56:54 Lifelong learning
01:01:40 Meditation & Mantras
1:07:15 Last thoughts

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  1. What Brothers who are sikhs should realize today is, why our some of our Guru's had picked up the talwar to fight. We need the same level of determination and fortitude today to realize who the demon is.

  2. Not a Sikh. Will never be and have no desire to be a "Sikh" in appearance and show off that Sikh is my tribe. But from childhood Kabir Das and Guru Nanak are my favourite. And I know with conviction…Guru Nanak will never act like 99% of the so called Sikhs. So far I have found zero Sikhs who follow the advise of Guru Nanak Saheb. They take his name with false pride and cunningly think that's enough. Never would Guru Nanakji EVER teach egoism, lying, cheating, and anti national mindset, drug use, and adopting terrorism. Today MOST sikhs have become ignorant and dishonest. They believe in corruption, lying, murder and cheating and just like certain Hindus became corrupt and said….oh every sin is forgiven with a dip in Ganga…similarly most Sikhs feel if they go to Gurudwara and eat langar or do seva All is Ok again. Going to Gurudwara is just a tokenism. I can say Guru Nanak Dev Ji will never approve of such corruption. It is always possible to follow Guru Nanak. Sikhism simply means one who learns and seeks truth from a Guru because the Truth is One and will take you to the one. Instead all I will see now is Sikh Ego. And while doing Langar n seva is always good….it is not a soap that will wash away your crimes. Always a lover of Guru Nanak dev because he was a pure saint…but not coz he was "Sikh" . Truth is beautiful. Not ego n pride.

  3. I was scrolling through YouTube on my way home from work and I stumbled upon this video. I opened it and five minutes into it I was so engrossed that I lost the track of time. This was such an amazing Podcast. I'm going to re-watch this podcast and I'm definitely going to watch more of Satpal Sir's videos with a pen and a notebook. He is an ocean of knowledge. Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak.

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