Sustaining desire in a long-term relationship | Dr. Petra Zebroff | TEDxSurrey – YouTube

Sustaining desire in a long-term relationship | Dr. Petra Zebroff | TEDxSurrey


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Sex therapist and researcher, Dr. Petra Zebroff, describes the four ways to increase sexual desire and reconnect a sexual spark in long-term relationships. The natural and gradual decrease in sexual passion is one of the most common complaints for sex therapists. After extensive research, which included more than 10,000 survey participants and helping hundreds of couples reconnect, Dr. Zebroff describes how “low sexual desire” may not be what it seems. Find out which of the four ways of sexual initiation works for you and your partner to get turned-on. Petra Zebroff, has been an avid student of human sexuality for over 25 years. First as a PhD student, then learning from clients as a sex therapist and now with sex research.

After founding, Libida, the first women’s online sexual magazine and community, Petra went on to write for popular magazines and websites such as Psychology Today and focuses on sex research and innovation to understand the areas of sexual initiation and eroticism.

All through that journey, there has been one common thread, and that is — what lights people up sexually. While the majority of sex research and therapy emphasize the problems of sex, Petra has focused on what ‘works’ sexually, specifically what sparks up the erotic part of the brain.

For the last decade she has surveyed more than 10,000 people and worked extensively with hundreds of couples in long-term relationships, to answer the question, “how do I get that first-time spark back?” This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


  1. For any guy, man reading this comment, go read or hear the book "The Rational Male" from Rollo Tomassi. This will teach you a lot of women, and how to keep Genuine Burning Desire aka "the spark" women feel for a man. Thank me later

  2. When you realize that holding onto pain is so much greater than the pain of removing a toxic person out of your life, then you know that it is time to let go.

    💙YouTuber That Helps People Overcome Toxic Relationships

  3. Interesting. Many advisers “how to live” recommend special techniques. They talk about points, steps, lists, types, etc. They are even ready to tell you what is important and what isn’t. Forget it. You are not a machine. Just try to understand who we are in perspective of millions years of developing. What is conscious, what is unconscious. Why we do something we know is wrong. To live a proper life is easier and accepted by society. But we don’t. Why?
    Read Carl Jung, listen Jordan Peterson, Douglas Murray and similar. Find out who you are. Understand yourself. Finally you will not need any technique how to turn someone up. It will be a part of your complex knowledge about the world and you.

  4. It certainly helps if you have a gal that looks like the good Dr. Petra as the days go by, but actual commitment should be the eternal spark. Material stability, limerence, impulsiveness, societal pressure, and/or obligation("accidental" pregnancy…etc) should never be the foundation of a relationship that's expected to last.
    The days of survival dating are gone and hypergamy should be reclassified as a mental disorder.
    When Love becomes the only reason people are dating instead of relieving anxiety and fear? Alot of these issues will become rare rather than a societal norm…

  5. Yeah after 2-3 years I felt the "spark" leaving the "game". But it came back, sadly only for me and not my partner, at 6 years around. Few years later it ended for the better.
    You only know if you are compatible for life, after you lose your Spark.

  6. The more we work on our own selves, the better we attract, in this case, a better partner and a phenomenal relationship. There’s no such thing as the “right person” (to an extend) we have to become the right person first! You got this, I believe in you and invest into YOU! Best investment you can ever do is in yourself for your family, others, future and lives overall! 💯% back guarantee return on your investment! Have a great day! 🚀🎉❤️

  7. People get tired of things they have access to overtime. Think of that brand new car that you no longer covet after 2 years and that brand new cell phone that you no longer baby after 2 months

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