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The Big Business Of Energy For The EV Industry


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  • Published On: 2022-03-22 21:31:50
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Energy and battery technology is booming.

As U.S. automakers make bold long-term commitments to electrify their fleets, there may not be enough lithium-ion batteries to go around in the short-term. While China dominates the battery manufacturing supply chain, and Europe is working to catch up, the U.S. still lags far behind. As batteries become a matter of energy independence and national security, here’s what the U.S. can do to catch up.

Analysts estimate that the size of the EV battery industry will grow to around $70 billion by 2025, and there’s a number of innovative battery start-ups trying to grab a piece of the pie. One of these companies, Cuberg, is making lithium-metal batteries, which it says will be twice as energy dense as standard lithium-ion, and could therefore help electric vehicles become cheaper and more efficient. Because Cuberg’s tech is largely compatible with existing lithium-ion manufacturing processes, it has the potential to scale quickly. And if it does, we could see lithium metal batteries powering small planes and electric vehicles within the decade.

Elon Musk announced that Tesla was getting into the energy business in 2015, and now it’s betting that it will become increasingly important for the company. In 2020, it surpassed 3 gigawatt hours of energy storage deployments in a single year, largely due to the popularity of Megapack, its utility-scale battery product. CNBC visited PG&E’s Tesla Megapack site in Moss Landing, California and learned why energy storage systems like Tesla’s could be everywhere in a future of renewable power.

Energy is also coming from unlikely sources. Bioo is generating electricity from the organic matter in soil and creating biological batteries to power agricultural sensors, a growing $1.36 billion global market. Eventually, Bioo envisions a future where biology could help to power our largest cities.

00:00 — How Tesla Is Quietly Expanding Its Energy Storage Business
20:37 — How Soil Could Be An Untapped Source Of Electricity
30:28 — Why This Battery Breakthrough Could Make EVs Cheaper
42:11 — Why the U.S. EV Industry is facing a battery shortage

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The Big Business Of Energy For The EV Industry


  1. A lot of pro Telsa content here. I doubt that their newly revised ESG score would allow CNBC to make this the same way. Crazy how much has changed in a month. It's also interesting how much pro-American manufacturing content this has in it with Pres. Biden's name attached to it. I mean, he has been working against domestic manufacturing for more than 30 years.

  2. You keep mentioning the Biden Administration wants to do. Mining. Very dirty just as carbon positive as coal. This administration is lost . I firm believer in storage of power, Nuclear power which is the safest and cleanest power sources. How many people have been hurt or killed by nuclear. Very few. Coal 100 of millions. China is still building coal power plants! Natural gas is very clean and plentiful. NG is responsible for the clean air and water we have today. The most import thing we can do right now is stop lying! Yes we should continue to explore and implement renewables at reasonable costs and ROI and sustainable power when the sun don't shine and the wind stops blowing. Example NYS gets only 1% of its energy from wind and solar. Billions have been spent for 1% returns. This fact is able to be check live from real time power generation web sites. Again stop lying!

  3. The wisest thing that should be on every wise individual's list is to invest in different stream of income and don't depend on the government to bring in money especially now the pandemic is hitting the economy

  4. This is the kind of world we've made for ourselves and our children, better have no enemies when the light goes out, due to the economic criss, wars and rate of unemployment I think now is the best time to invest and make more money for the future.

  5. An ignorant greenie dream. This will all be a failure when fossil fuels phase out unless you enjoy a future of exorbitant electricity rates and massive rolling blackouts. The only thing that will save renewables is if we ever have a quantum leap in energy storage technology. In the meantime, you better get nuclear energy back in vogue if you don't want the disaster you are creating.

  6. The Great Green Energy Scam;
    Biden flooding Union EV projects with taxpayer cash that a portion will end up back thru Democratic campaign organizations and Demo Union support contributions. Biden is laundering your tax money. Due to Environmental regulations Lithium and Cobalt supply is very short in US and not enough to sustain a Green Energy economy. Questions are raised on Hunter Biden’s and family connection to China mining organizations that control the world’s lithium and Cobalt assets. The Great Green Energy Scam.

  7. Well done CNBC. Covered the major technologies for green energies, uses and issues. Hope we can get 100% green within 10 years or less. How about doing reports on the home, commercial buildings reducing their energy use.? And planning towns and cities that uses much less energy. And the push for technologies like HyperLoops. That'll reduce the need to fly or travel on diesel trains and the supply chains that can use the HyperLoop transportation.

  8. I like how there supposed to take over the 1.36 billion dollar soil sensor business by removing the army of farmers changing the 1 c battery every 10 years with contraption 100× bigger.
    I'm guessing the dirt battery and the the sensor will break or be obsolete before a decade goes by and the farmer needs an army of people to change battery's.

  9. Very happy to be a TSLA investor. Tesla is a responsible and good corporate citizen. Good leadership at Tesla….go Team Tesla! Tesla has changed the world of Batteries, I love my Tesla and I charge it for free at my neighborhood supercharger. Investment is key

  10. Do we need flying vehicles to solve problems? Are we now trying to swap horrible car centric lives for flying craft? How about just investing in rail and allocating some roads to be just for electric bikes and similar. Even walking without the threat of being hit by cars. I don't want to live in a world dominated by cars and flying cars.

  11. Brillant! Thank you for sharing this informative and superb video! Green Technology, Smart Technology, Hydrogen Technology, Large Scale Battery Storage Systems for Grids and Electric propulsion is the way to go for a cleaner, healther mother earth! Those who harm the Earth will be destroyed by the Hebrew Almighty God! It is Written! Greetings from Papua New Guinea.

  12. “dominator” is a genuine US concept, and I can assure you that the closest word the Chinese government would use is “leader”. In fact, full spectrum domination is a US policy, perhaps it is also a US policy of accusing the victim of bullying.

  13. How much earth is moved, extracted, etc in order to produce one ev battery? 500,000 lbs.. Thats how much. Now what does the latest mining/oil prevention bill halt? Well duh all mining operations forever. And where do ev batteries get the rare earths from? Duh the ground. So if we dug deeper into the new green bill and thoroughly examined it the bill would halt everything America needs to venture into the future. Wwwwhhhhyyyy? Because the dudes that want duh bill past work for china. Because china is gonna own you by the short hairs when it comes to renewable energy, green energy, cold fusion and the rest. Theres a whole range of corrupt politics behind this. The strip mining operations behind so called green batteries cause significantly more damage to the earth, the oceans, rivers, lakes, streams and our atmosphere. Double talk double standards equals double profits.

  14. Storage is also a national strategic concern. No point in having state incentives if lots of utility scale renewables is wasted and demand spikes still need expensive fossil fueled peaker plants. Even allowing fossil fueled power plants to run at a higher capacity factor vs swinging up and down.
    Battery storage will be part of every onshore wind and solar farm. It won't get funding otherwise. Now think of every current onshore farm buying a small storage.

  15. I lost faith in the accuracy of this video when it just regurgitated Tesla's PR talking points, without examining them critically. I knew that whoever put this video together doesn't really know what they're talking about when they started getting to apologetics for their 'solar roof' scam. If I wanted to hear a bunch of BS, I would have went to Tesla's website directly.

  16. R9B S6A
    I cross all of my t's and I dot all of my i's. The following is the honest truth.
    Subcontractors of Hansen construction out of Aspen Colorado have been surreptitiously placing spy equipment cameras and listening devices in the homes of wealthy and prominent celebrities and political figures for many years without their knowledge consent or understanding. It would probably be a good idea for Boulder county investigators to find out whether Hansen construction did any work on JonBenet Ramsey's home before her disappearance.

  17. It’s not the factories to make batteries that’s the problem, it’s the raw material the US lacks that China has plenty of that’s the issue. China should sanction and block all export of rare earth to the US the same way the US did with Huawei and semiconductors.

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