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The Easy Way to Achieve Your Goals


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In this episode of Book Club I’ll be going over the lessons I’ve learned from Ray Dalio’s Principles and how to apply them towards reaching our goals.

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  1. I have been watching so many videos about crpto and forex trading investment but yet I'm still making losses trading on my own, please can you give me good strategy or at least advice on how to make good profit through investing

  2. Hii there Ali Abdaal!! I'm afraid to admit that I have been geeking out on your material 😭😭 Great work 🤘
    P.s. could you possibly link me to your how to read more books/read faster vids as I saw one the other day and really need that skill as my partner got me 3 of Tony Robbins books and they are bloody huge!! 😱😱😂😂 much love ❤

  3. I read this book. There's a ton of Information in this book. It's honestly too much information to apply. I think this book would help you out more if you read a summery that was bite sized so that you could actually apply it in actionable steps rather than this huge amount of info

  4. Ali thinks he’s lazy?
    I’m 73 years old and have had 9 different careers. Looking backwards I’d have to ask his “hearts desire “…. he says he’s not romantic or sentimental. So is a love interest not in his 25 year goal plan? How does his interpersonal skills work if he has neither coach nor mentor nor book to guide him?

  5. Sir I ve topped my exams by following your productivity classes in 12 half yearly exams now I'm preparing for my boards .Can you make a video to suggest how to increase productivity as a student and learn new things.It will be really helpful if you do so .Thank you

  6. I listened to this book recently randomly not because of this video. It was a super long book to listen to. I liked how it talked about using computers to run analysis. Also the personality quizzes can help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses. It had alot to do with decision making but the book is so huge it's almost impossible to practice because its a huge book. Kind of impossible to apply. There were alot of good quotes in the book.

  7. hi ali, i like your videos. thanks for doing the book summaries. it helps me to decide. on heard you say that you eat take out 3 times a week. have you thought about hiring someone to make the meals you want and have them ready in your fridge? you can have everything you want, but maybe less salt and carbs:). I hired someone in ottawa, ON and she is amazing. just a thought for your Zack Efron

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