The Future of Insurance in INDIA : Shared value model (Using business case studies) – YouTube

The Future of Insurance in INDIA : Shared value model (Using business case studies)


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The insurance industry in India is accelerating at a remarkable pace. as of 2020 mobile and internet has already reached 700million Indians and because of the Jio wave, the internet is already used even in the remote parts of the country. And these 2 factor expected to catalyse the insurance penetration and density India!! In fact, the IBEF reports states that the Indian insurance industry will grow four-fold in the next 10 years from its current size of USD 60 billion and with giant public listed players like Policy bazaar, LIC and SBI, there is one very important factor that they need to capitalise on to become a dominating player in the insurance market! And if they play their cards well, the profits of these companies can skyrocket by 1000s of crores in the next 10 years and obviously their stock price is going to shoot up accordingly! So the question is what is the next big revolution in the insurance sector?

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  1. Good ideas described from developed countries, but it will take more than a decade to get implemented in India. Anything could be possible, overnight India could overtake USAs GDP because of our huge population advantage, environment conditions etc. At the end of the day reality is different than youtube videos. Everyone do your own research.

  2. The idea of insurance companies aur how not to give you insurance money in an event of a mishap for the purpose of which you have taken the event because that is exactly where the money lies my father in law was taken to the hospital on an emergency and he died in the hospital he was denied insurance money for the treatment because as per insurance roll you will have to stay one day in the hospital for the insurance company to pay you money

    The reverse is also true if the hospital comes to know that you have insurance then they try to put every possible solutions on your on your account so that they can charge insurance claims surgery which can cost hundred thousand on cash will be claimed 2.5 Times so even if after deductions you still the hospital gets almost double the amount

  3. You are ill informed about private and PSU companies.
    PSU companies paid thousands of crores of claims in Kerala floods.
    Don't spread lies.
    Was a fine of ur work.
    Now it seems u r also paid by someone.

  4. In India 🇮🇳,
    1. Why Govt Insurance Companies are 1st choice of Customer ?
    2. But Why they do bad in Share market ?
    3. Why Private Insurance companies performs Excellent in Share market ?
    4. Why Private Insurance Companies are Non-Preferred personal choice of Retail-Customer but of Corporates ?

  5. Please note that W/s glass is payable without any depreciation in India in the event of a breakage.. Also you are not mentioned about 3rd party liability.. In India 3 rd party liability is unlimited and that is the reason for loss in many PS insurance companies. Own damage claims may be profitable but third party is big loss making.

  6. I thought our health is not for profit, our wellbeing is responsibility of govt, I do not accept in health sectors, private insurance companies are just came to make profit but govt is keen responsible to takecare about their citizens and their duty also
    Tell how many companies give back money bills during COVID-19🦠😷
    Sir please 🙏

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